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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007 An environmental input-output model for IrelandO´Doherty, Joe; Tol, Richard S. J.
2007 Determinants of water connection type and ownership of water-using applianes in IrelandO'Doherty, Joe; Lyons, Seán; Tol, Richard S. J.
2007 Holiday destinations: Understanding the travel choices of Irish touristsLyons, Seán; Mayor, Karen; Tol, Richard S. J.
2007 Comparing the travel cost method and the contingent valuation method: An application of convergent validity theory to the recreational value of Irish forestsMayor, Karen; Scott, Sue; Tol, Richard S. J.
2007 Airline emissions of carbon dioxide in the European trading systemFitzGerald, John; Tol, Richard S. J.
2008 On international equity weights and national decision making on climate changeAnthoff, David; Tol, Richard S. J.
2008 Damage costs of climate change through intensification of tropical cyclone activities: An application of fundNarita, Daiju; Tol, Richard S. J.; Anthoff, David
2008 The impact of climate change on the balanced-growth-equivalent: An application of FUNDAnthoff, David; Tol, Richard S. J.
2008 A Hirsch measure for the quality of research supervision, and an illustration with trade economistsRuane, Frances P.; Tol, Richard S. J.
2008 Scenarios of carbon dioxide emissions from aviationMayor, Karen; Tol, Richard S. J.
2008 Measuring international inequality aversionTol, Richard S. J.
2008 Metrics for aggregating the climate effect of different emissions: A unifying frameworkTol, Richard S. J.; Berntsen, Terje K.; O'Neill, Brian C.; Fuglestvedt, Jan S.; Shine, Keith P.; Balkanski, Yves; Makra, Laszlo
2008 A hedonic analysis of the value of rail transport in the greater Dublin areaMayor, Karen; Lyons, Seán; Duffy, David; Tol, Richard S. J.
2008 A carbon tax for IrelandTol, Richard S. J.; Callan, Tim; Conefrey, Thomas; Gerald, John D. Fitz; Lyons, Seán; Malaguzzi Valeri, Laura; Scott, Susan
2008 Intra-union flexibility of non-ETS emission reduction obligations in the European UnionTol, Richard S. J.
2008 Fuel poverty in Ireland : Extent, affected groups and policy issuesScott, Sue; Lyons, Seán; Keane, Claire; McCarthy, Donal; Tol, Richard S. J.
2008 European climate policy and aviation emissionsMayor, Karen; Tol, Richard S. J.
2008 Marginal abatement costs of carbon-dioxide emissions: A meta-analysisKuik, Onno; Brander, Luke; Tol, Richard S. J.
2008 Risk Aversion, time preference, and the social cost of carbonAnthoff, David; Tol, Richard S. J.; Yohe, Gary W.
2008 Incorporating GHG emission costs in the economic appraisal of projects supported by state development agenciesTol, Richard S. J.; Lyons, Seán