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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 Asymmetric taxation of profits and losses and its influence on investment timing: Paradoxical effects of tax increasesMehrmann, Annika; Schneider, Georg; Sureth, Caren
2012 Editorial: What Is and What Is Not a Substantial Contribution?Albers, Sönke; Sureth, Caren
2013 The impact of corporate taxes and flexibility on entrepreneurial decisions with moral hazard and simultaneous firm and personal level taxationMeißner, Fabian; Schneider, Georg; Sureth, Caren
2014 Can tax rate increases foster investment under entry and exit flexibility? Insights from an economic experimentFahr, René; Janssen, Elmar; Sureth, Caren
2014 Do investors request advance tax rulings to alleviate tax risk (and do tax authorities provide them)? A joint taxpayers' and tax authorities' view on investment behaviorDiller, Markus; Kortebusch, Pia; Schneider, Georg; Sureth, Caren
2014 Can the CCCTB alleviate tax discrimination against loss-making European multinational groups?Ortmann, Regina; Sureth, Caren
2015 The effect of taxes on corporate financing decisions: Evidence from the German interest barrierAlberternst, Stephan; Sureth, Caren
2015 Impact of capital gains taxation on the holding period of investments under different tax systemsHegemann, Annika; Kunoth, Angela; Rupp, Kristina; Sureth, Caren
2015 Vermögensteuer und ihre Implikationen für den Wirtschaftsstandort Deutschland: Eine betriebswirtschaftliche AnalyseHoppe, Thomas; Maiterth, Ralf; Sureth, Caren
2015 Boon or bane of advance tax rulings as a measure to mitigate tax uncertainty and foster investmentDiller, Markus; Kortebusch, Pia; Schneider, Georg; Sureth, Caren
2016 Does capital tax uncertainty delay irreversible risky investment?Niemann, Rainer; Sureth, Caren
2018 Do country risk factors attenuate the effect of taxes on corporate risk-taking?Osswald, Benjamin; Sureth, Caren
2019 Measuring tax complexity across countries: A survey study on MNCsHoppe, Thomas; Schanz, Deborah; Sturm, Susann; Sureth, Caren
2020 The relation between tax complexity and foreign direct investment: Evidence across countriesHoppe, Thomas; Schanz, Deborah; Sturm, Susann; Sureth, Caren; Voget, Johannes
2020 When do firms highlight their effective tax rate?Flagmeier, Vanessa; Müller, Jens; Sureth, Caren