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2010Laffer strikes again: Dynamic scoring of capital taxesStrulik, Holger; Trimborn, Timo
2011R&D-based growth in the post-modern eraStrulik, Holger; Prettner, Klaus; Prskawetz, Alexia
2011The Dark Side of Fiscal StimulusTrimborn, Timo; Strulik, Holger
2011From Tradition to Modernity: Economic Growth in a Small WorldLindner, Ines; Strulik, Holger
2011Health and Education: Understanding the GradientStrulik, Holger
2011Optimal Aging with Uncertain DeathStrulik, Holger
2011The voracity effect: CommentStrulik, Holger
2011The dark side of fiscal stimulusStrulik, Holger; Trimborn, Timo
2011Poverty, voracity, and growthStrulik, Holger
2011The Physiological Foundations of the Wealth of NationsDalgaard, Carl-Johan; Strulik, Holger
2012Life Expectancy, Labor Supply, and Long-Run Growth: Reconciling Theory and EvidenceStrulik, Holger; Werner, Katharina
2012Knowledge and growth in the very long runStrulik, Holger
2012Physiology and Development: Why the West is Taller than the RestDalgaard, Carl-Johan; Strulik, Holger
2012From Tradition to Modernity: Economic Growth in a Small WorldLindner, Ines; Strulik, Holger
2012The past and future of knowledge-based growthStrulik, Holger; Prettner, Klaus; Prskawetz, Alexia
2012A Mass Phenomenon: The Social Evolution of ObesityStrulik, Holger
2012From Worship to Worldly Pleasures: Secularization and Long-Run Economic GrowthStrulik, Holger
2012Declining fertility and economic well-being: Do education and health ride to the rescue?Prettner, Klaus; Bloom, David E.; Strulik, Holger
2012Life expectancy, labor supply, and long-run growth: Reconciling theory and evidenceStrulik, Holger; Werner, Katharina
2013Hyperbolical discounting and endogenous growthStrulik, Holger