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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008A bioeconomic foundation for the nutrition-based efficiency wage modelDalgaard, Carl-Johan; Strulik, Holger
2008Fiscal, monetary, and financial interactions in dynamic general equilibriumStrulik, Holger
2008The Role of Poverty and Community Norms in Child Labor and Schooling DecisionsStrulik, Holger
2009Patience and prosperityStrulik, Holger
2009Voracity and Growth ReconsideredStrulik, Holger
2009Knowledge and growth in the very long-runStrulik, Holger
2009Fiscal stimulus: A neoclassical perspectiveStrulik, Holger; Trimborn, Timo
2009The determinants of subsistence income in a Malthusian worldStrulik, Holger; Weisdorf, Jacob
2010School attendance and child labor: A model of collective behaviorStrulik, Holger
2010The Physiological Foundations of the Wealth of NationsDalgaard, Carl-Johan; Strulik, Holger
2010Knowledge and Growth in the Very Long-RunStrulik, Holger
2010The Fertility Transition Around the World - 1950-2005Strulik, Holger; Vollmer, Sebastian
2010Knowledge and growth in the very long runStrulik, Holger
2010R&D-based growth in the post-modern eraStrulik, Holger; Prettner, Klaus; Prskawetz, Alexia
2010R&D-based growth in the post-modern eraStrulik, Holger; Prettnerz, Klaus; Prskawetz, Alexia
2010How child costs and survival shaped the industrial revolution and the demographic transition: A theoretical inquiryStrulik, Holger; Weisdorf, Jacob
2010The history augmented Solow modelDalgaard, Carl-Johan; Strulik, Holger
2010Fiscal Stimulus: A Neoclassical PerspectiveStrulik, Holger; Trimborn, Timo
2010The long-run determinants of fertility: One century of demographic change 1900 - 1999Herzer, Dierk; Strulik, Holger; Vollmer, Sebastian
2010The fertility transition around the world - 1950-2005Strulik, Holger; Vollmer, Sebastian