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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 Income Distribution, Technical Change and the Dynamics of International Economic IntegrationLandesmann, Michael; Stehrer, Robert
2004 Can Trade Explain the Sector Bias of Skill-biased Technical Change?Stehrer, Robert
2005 Employment, Education and Occupation Structures: A Framework for ForecastingStehrer, Robert
2005 Income distribution, technical change and the dynamics of international economic integrationLandesmann, Michael; Stehrer, Robert
2005 Modelling GDP in CEECs Using Smooth TransitionsFoster-McGregor, Neil; Stehrer, Robert
2005 The Effects of Factor- and Sector-biased Technical Change RevisitedStehrer, Robert
2006 Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic: Longer-term Growth ProspectsPodkaminer, Leon; Stehrer, Robert
2006 Goodwin's Structural Economic Dynamics: Modelling Schumpeterian and Keynesian InsightsLandesmann, Michael; Stehrer, Robert
2007 The Sector Bias of Skill-biased Technical Change and the Rising Skill Premium in Transition EconomiesEsposito, Piero; Stehrer, Robert
2007 The effects of factor and sector biased technical change revisitedStehrer, Robert
2008 Western Balkan Countries: Adjustment Capacity to External Shocks, with a Focus on Labour MarketsGligorov, Vladimir; Iara, Anna; Landesmann, Michael; Stehrer, Robert; Vidovic, Hermine
2008 The Role of Public Policy in Closing Foreign Direct Investment Gaps: An Empirical AnalysisBellak, Christian; Leibrecht, Markus; Stehrer, Robert
2008 Sectoral Productivity, Density and Agglomeration in the Wider EuropeFoster-McGregor, Neil; Stehrer, Robert
2008 Growth Resurgence, Productivity Catching-up and Labour Demand in CEECsHavlik, Peter; Leitner, Sebastian; Stehrer, Robert
2008 Policies to attract Foreign Direct Investment: An industry-level analysisBellac, C.; Leibrecht, M.; Stehrer, Robert
2008 Outsourcing and Employment: A Decomposition ApproachKoller, W.; Stehrer, Robert
2009 South-North Integration, Outsourcing and SkillsLandesmann, Michael; Stehrer, Robert
2009 Changes in the Structure of Employment in the EU and Their Implications for Job QualityMacias, Enrique F.; Stehrer, Robert; Ward, Terry
2009 Skills and Industrial CompetitivenessLandesmann, Michael; Leitner, Sebastian; Stehrer, Robert; Ward, Terry
2009 The Determinants of Regional Economic Growth by QuantileCrespo-Cuaresma, Jesus; Foster-McGregor, Neil; Stehrer, Robert