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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010 Employment and distribution effects of the minimum wageSlonimczyk, Fabian; Skott, Peter
2010 Cyclical patterns of employment, utilization and profitabilityZipperer, Ben; Skott, Peter
2010 An empirical evaluation of three post Keynesian modelsSkott, Peter
2011 Heterodox macro after the crisisSkott, Peter
2011 Increasing inequality and financial instabilitySkott, Peter
2011 Public debt and full employment in a stockflow consistent model of a corporate economyRyoo, Soon; Skott, Peter
2011 Public debt in an OLG model with imperfect competitionSkott, Peter; Ryoo, Soon
2011 Business cyclesSkott, Peter
2011 Distributional biases in the analysis of climate changeSkott, Peter; Davis, Leila
2011 The real exchange rate and economic developmentRazmi, Arslan; Rapetti, Martin; Skott, Peter
2011 Positional goods, climate change and the social returns to investmentDavis, Leila; Skott, Peter
2011 The real exchange rate and economic growth: Are developing countries different?Rapetti, Martin; Skott, Peter; Razmi, Arslan
2012 Pluralism, the Lucas critique, and the integration of macro and microSkott, Peter
2012 Employment and distribution effects of the mnimum wageSlonimczyk, Fabián; Skott, Peter
2012 Real exchange rates and the long-run effects of aggregate demand in economies with underemploymentSkott, Peter; Rapetti, Martin; Razmi, Arslan
2012 Public Debt and Functional Finance in an OLG Model with Imperfect CompetitionSkott, Peter; Ryoo, Soon
2013 Power, Luck and Ideology in a Model of Executive PaySkott, Peter; Guy, Frederick
2013 Public debt in an OLG model with imperfect competition: long-run effects of austerity programs and changes in the growth rateSkott, Peter; Ryoo, Soon
2013 Technology, power and the political economy of inequalityGuy, Frederick; Skott, Peter
2014 Labor market reform and wage inequality in KoreaKim, Hyeon-Kyeong; Skott, Peter