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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 Fairness as a source of hysteresis in employment and relative wagesSkott, Peter
2004 Steindlian Models of Growth and StagnationSkott, Peter; Flaschel, Peter
2004 Election campaigns, agenda setting and electoral outcomesHoller, Manfred; Skott, Peter
2004 Economic Explanation, Ordinality and the Adequacy of Analytic SpecificationKatzner, Donald W.; Skott, Peter
2004 Wage inequality and skill asymmetriesSkott, Peter; Auerbach, Paul
2004 Mythical Ages and Methodological Strictures - Joan Robinson's Contributions to the Theory of Economic GrowthSkott, Peter
2005 Wage inequality and overeducation in a model with efficiency wagesSkott, Peter
2005 Power-Biased Technological Change and the Rise in Earnings InequalitySkott, Peter; Guy, Frederick
2005 Keynesian Theory and the AD-AS Framework: A ReconsiderationDutt, Amitava K.; Skott, Peter
2005 Prosperity and Stagnation in Capitalist EconomiesAsada, Toichiro; Flaschel, Peter; Skott, Peter
2006 Japanese growth and stagnation: A Keynesian perspectiveNakatani, Takeshi; Skott, Peter
2007 Power, productivity and profitsGuy, Frederick; Skott, Peter
2007 Information and communications technologies, coordination and control, and the distribution of incomeGuy, Frederick; Skott, Peter
2007 Macroeconomic implications of financializationSkott, Peter; Ryoo, Soon
2008 Growth, instability and cycles: Harrodian and Kaleckian models of accumulation and income distributionSkott, Peter
2008 Financialization in Kaleckian economies with and without labor constraintsRyoo, Soon; Skott, Peter
2008 Theoretical and empirical shortcomings of the Kaleckian investment functionSkott, Peter
2009 The real exchange rate as an instrument of development policyRazmi, Arslan; Rapetti, Martin; Skott, Peter
2010 Labor heterogeneity, inequality and institutional changeSkott, Peter
2010 The great detourSkott, Peter