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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015 Assessing the financial and financing conditions of firms in Europe: the financial module in CompNetFerrando, Annalisa; Altomonte, Carlo; Blank, Sven; Meinen, Philipp; Iudice, Matteo; Felt, Marie-Hélène; Neugebauer, Katja; Siedschlag, Iulia
2016 The impact of taxes on the extensive and intensive margins of FDIDavies, Ronald B.; Siedschlag, Iulia; Studnicka, Zuzanna
2016 The Evolving Composition of Intra-EU TradeLeitner, Sandra M.; Marcias, Manuel; Mirza, Daniel; Pindyuk, Olga; Siedschlag, Iulia; Stehrer, Robert; Stöllinger, Roman; Studnicka, Zuzanna
2017 Investment in knowledge-based capital and its contribution to productivity growth: A review of international and Irish evidenceSiedschlag, Iulia; Lawless, Martina; Di Ubaldo, Mattia
2017 The impact of investment in innovation on productivity: Firm-level evidence from IrelandDi Ubaldo, Mattia; Siedschlag, Iulia
2018 Internationalisation, innovation and productivity in services: Evidence from Germany, Ireland and the United KingdomPeters, Bettina; Riley, Rebecca R.; Siedschlag, Iulia; Vahter, Priit; McQuinni, John
2018 Determinants of firms' inputs sourcing choices: The role of institutional and regulatory factorsDi Ubaldo, Mattia; Siedschlag, Iulia
2018 Corporate taxation and the location choice of foreign direct investment in EU countriesDavies, Ronald B.; Siedschlag, Iulia; Studnicka, Zuzanna
2018 Productivity spillovers from multinational activity to indigenous firms in IrelandDi Ubaldo, Mattia; Lawless, Martina; Siedschlag, Iulia
2019 Determinants of green innovations: Firm-level evidenceSiedschlag, Iulia; Meneto, Stefano; Tong Koecklin, Manuel
2020 What drives firms' decisions to spend on environmental protection?Siedschlag, Iulia; Yan, Weijie
2020 Green investments and firm performanceSiedschlag, Iulia; Yan, Weijie
2020 Green innovations and export performanceMeneto, Stefano; Siedschlag, Iulia
2020 Containing the COVID-19 pandemic: What determined the speed of government interventions?Siedschlag, Iulia; Yan, Weijie