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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001The Future of Banking in EuropeSchmidt, Reinhard H.
2001Pension Systems and Financial Systems in Europe: A Comparison from the Point of View of ComplementaritySchmidt, Reinhard H.; Tyrell, Marcel
2003Die Bankenmärkte Russlands und BulgariensSchmidt, Reinhard H.; Hackethal, Andreas; Marinov, Valentin
2003Corporate Governance in Germany: An Economic PerspectiveSchmidt, Reinhard H.
2003What Constitutes a Financial System in General and the German Financial System in Particular?Schmidt, Reinhard H.; Tyrell, Marcel
2003Corporate Governance in Germany: An Economic PerspectiveSchmidt, Reinhard H.
2003Shareholder vs. Stakeholder: Ökonomische FragestellungenSchmidt, Reinhard H.; Weiß, Marco
2004Financing Patterns: Measurement Concepts and Empirical ResultsHackethal, A.; Schmidt, Reinhard H.
2004Information Theory and the Role of Intermediaries in Corporate GovernanceSchmidt, Reinhard H.; Tyrell, Marcel
2004Networks of Micro and Small Enterprise Banks: A Contribution to Financial Sector DevelopmentSchmidt, Reinhard H.; Von Pischke, J.D.
2005Networks of micro and small enterprise banks: A contribution to financial sector developmentSchmidt, Reinhard H.; Von Pischke, John D.
2005Was ist und was braucht ein bedeutender Finanzplatz?Schmidt, Reinhard H.; Grote, Michael H.
2005Banks and German Corporate Governance: On the Way to a Capital Market-Based System?Hackethal, Andreas; Schmidt, Reinhard H.; Tyrell, Marcel
2005Structural Change in the German Banking System?Hackethal, Andreas; Schmidt, Reinhard H.
2006Financial systems - importance, differences and convergenceSchmidt, Reinhard H.; Hryckiewicz, Aneta
2006Stakeholderorientierung, Systemhaftigkeit und Stabilität der Corporate Governance in DeutschlandSchmidt, Reinhard H.
2008Financial locations: Frankfurt's place and perspectivesKotz, Hans-Helmut; Schmidt, Reinhard H.
2008Microfinance, commercialisation and ethicsSchmidt, Reinhard H.
2013Savings banks and cooperative banks in EuropeBülbül, Dilek; Schmidt, Reinhard H.; Schüwer, Ulrich
2015The German banking system: Characteristics and challengesBehr, Patrick; Schmidt, Reinhard H.