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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Stability of the Replicator Equation for a Single-Species with a Multi-Dimensional Continuous Trait SpaceCressman, Ross; Hofbauer, Josef; Riedel, Frank
2006 On Irreversible InvestmentRiedel, Frank; Su, Xia
2007 Optimal consumption choice with intolerance for declining standard of livingRiedel, Frank
2007 Optimal stopping under ambiguityRiedel, Frank
2007 Do social preferences matter in competitive markets?Heidhues, Paul; Riedel, Frank
2008 On equilibrium prices in continuous timeMartins-da-Rocha, V. Filipe; Riedel, Frank
2009 The best choice problem under ambiguityChudjakow, Tatjana; Riedel, Frank
2009 Voronoi languages: Equilibria in cheap-talk games with high-dimensional types and few signalsJäger, Gerhard; Koch-Metzger, Lars; Riedel, Frank
2010 Evolutionary stability of first price auctionsLouge, Fernando; Riedel, Frank
2010 Existence of financial equilibria in continuous time with potentially complete marketsRiedel, Frank; Herzberg, Frederik
2010 Optimal stopping under ambiguity in continuous timeRiedel, Frank
2010 Intertemporal equilibria with knightian uncertaintyDana, Rose-Anne; Riedel, Frank
2011 Distorted Voronoi languagesFörster, Manuel; Riedel, Frank
2011 Finance without probabilistic prior assumptionsRiedel, Frank
2011 The strategic use of ambiguityRiedel, Frank; Sass, Linda
2012 Generalized Kuhn-Tucker conditions for N-firm stochastic irreversible investment under limited resourcesChiarolla, Maria B.; Ferrari, Giorgio; Riedel, Frank
2013 The Foster-Hart measure of riskiness for general gamblesRiedel, Frank; Hellmann, Tobias
2013 Ellsberg GamesRiedel, Frank; Sass, Linda
2013 Continuous-time public good contribution under uncertaintyFerrari, Giorgio; Riedel, Frank; Steg, Jan-Henrik
2013 The Foster-Hart Measure of Riskiness for General GamblesHellmann, Tobias; Riedel, Frank