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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008Tobacco and alcohol: complements or substitutes? ; a structural model approachTauchmann, Harald; Göhlmann, Silja; Requate, Till; Schmidt, Christoph M.
2008Managers and Students Playing Cournot: Experimental Evidence from MalaysiaWaichman, Israel; Requate, Till; Siang, Ch'ng Kean
2008Einkommensteuer senken, Pendlerpauschale abschaffen!Kambeck, Rainer; Kasten, Tanja; Requate, Till; Schmidt, Christoph M.
2010On the role of social wage comparisons in gift-exchange experimentsSiang, Ch'ng Kean; Requate, Till; Waichman, Israel
2010Equal split in the informal market for group train travelWaichman, Israel; Korzhenevych, Artem; Requate, Till
2010Pre-play communication in Cournot competition: An experiment with students and managersWaichman, Israel; Requate, Till; Siang, Ch'ng Kean
2010Incentives for Optimal Management of Age-structured Fish PopulationsQuaas, Martin; Requate, Till; Ruckes, Kirsten; Skonhoft, Anders; Vestergaard, Niels
2010Ambient Environmental Quality Policies in Stochastic MediaRequate, Till; Hamilton, Steve
2011Subsidies for renewable energies in the presence of learning effects and market powerReichenbach, Johanna; Requate, Till
2012Sushi or fish fingers? Seafood diversity, collapsing fish stocks, and multi-species fishery managementQuaas, Martin F.; Requate, Till
2012Does more stringent environmental regulation induce or reduce technology adoption? When the rate of technology adoption is inverted u-shapedPerino, Grischa; Requate, Till
2013Scheitern der Reform des Emissionshandels: Verliert Europa die Vorreiterrolle in der Klimapolitik?Nantke, Hans-Jürgen; Endres, Alfred; Schaff, Frederik; Requate, Till; Dröge, Susanne
2013Do short-term laboratory experiments provide valid descriptions of long-term economic interactions? A study of Cournot marketsNormann, Hans-Theo; Requate, Till; Waichman, Israel
2013Tobacco and alcohol: complements or substitutes?Tauchmann, Harald; Lenz, Silja; Requate, Till; Schmidt, Christoph M.
2014Green Tradable Certificates versus Feed-in Tariffs in the Promotion of Renewable Energy SharesRequate, Till
2015Reciprocity in labor market relationships: Evidence from an experiment across high-income OECD countriesWaichman, Israel; Siang, Ch'ng Kean; Requate, Till; Shafran, Aric P.; Camacho-Cuena, Eva; Iida, Yoshio; Shahrabani, Shosh
2016Demand rationing in Bertrand-Edgeworth markets with fixed capacities: An experimentJacobs, Martin; Requate, Till
2016Bertrand-Edgeworth markets with increasing marginal costs and voluntary trading: Experimental evidenceJacobs, Martin; Requate, Till
201740 years of JEEM: Research trends and influential publications in environmental and resource economicsKube, Roland; Löschel, Andreas; Mertens, Henrik; Requate, Till
2018Challenging conventional wisdom: Experimental evidence on heterogeneity and coordination in avoiding a collective catastrophic eventWaichman, Israel; Requate, Till; Karde, Markus; Milinski, Manfred