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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013 Voluntary payments, privacy and social pressure on the Internet: A natural field experimentRegner, Tobias; Riener, Gerhard
2013 Self-image and moral balancing: An experimental analysisPloner, Matteo; Regner, Tobias
2014 Crowdfunding: Determinants of success and funding dynamicsCrosetto, Paolo; Regner, Tobias
2014 More than outcomes: The role of self-image in other-regarding behaviorMatthey, Astrid; Regner, Tobias
2015 Do reciprocators exploit or resist moral wiggle room? An experimental analysisMatthey, Astrid; Regner, Tobias
2015 Preferences-dependent learning in the Centipede gameGamba, Astrid; Regner, Tobias
2015 What drives motivated agents? The "right" mission or sharing it with the principalKoppel, Hannes; Regner, Tobias
2016 Determinants of borrowers' default in P2P lending under consideration of the loan risk classPolena, Michal; Regner, Tobias
2016 Reciprocity under moral wiggle room: Is it a preference or a constraint?Regner, Tobias
2016 Can a bonus overcome moral hazard? An experiment on voluntary payments, competition, and reputation in markets for expert servicesAngelova, Vera; Regner, Tobias
2016 Do voluntary payments to advisors improve the quality of financial advice? An experimental sender-receiver gameAngelova, Vera; Regner, Tobias
2016 The social pay gap across occupations: Survey and experimental evidenceBublitz, Elisabeth; Regner, Tobias
2017 Can a Bonus Overcome Moral Hazard? An Experiment on Voluntary Payments, Competition, and Reputation in Markets for Expert ServicesAngelova, Vera; Regner, Tobias
2018 Can a bonus overcome moral hazard? Experimental evidence from markets for expert servicesAngelova, Vera; Regner, Tobias
2018 Crowdinvesting in entrepreneurial projects: Disentangling patterns of investor behaviorGoethner, Maximilian; Luettig, Sebastian; Regner, Tobias