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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013 Public and private management of renewable resources: Who gains, who loses?Quaas, Martin F.; Stoeven, Max T.
2013 Subsistence and substitutability in consumer preferencesBaumgärtner, Stefan; Drupp, Moritz A.; Quaas, Martin F.
2014 New trade in renewable resources and consumer preferences for diversityQuaas, Martin F.; Stöven, Max T.
2016 Truth-telling and the regulator: Evidence from a field experiment with commercial fishermenDrupp, Moritz A.; Khadjavi, Menusch; Quaas, Martin F.
2016 Indicators for monitoring sustainable development goals: An application to oceanic development in the European UnionRickels, Wilfried; Dovern, Jonas; Hoffmann, Julia; Quaas, Martin F.; Schmidt, Jörn O.; Visbeck, Martin
2016 Income inequality and willingness to pay for public environmental goodsBaumgärtner, Stefan; Drupp, Moritz A.; Meya, Jasper N.; Munz, Jan M.; Quaas, Martin F.
2016 Substitutability and the social cost of carbon in a solvable growth model with irreversible climate changeQuaas, Martin F.; Bröcker, Johannes
2017 Economic inequality and the value of natureDrupp, Moritz A.; Meya, Jasper N.; Baumgärtner, Stefan; Quaas, Martin F.
2017 Challenges and Opportunities for Integrated Modeling of Climate EngineeringTavoni, Massimo; Bosetti, Valentina; Shayegh, Soheil; Drouet, Laurent; Emmerling, Johannes; Fuß, Sabine; Goeschl, Timo; Guivarch, Celine; Lontzek, Thomas S.; Manoussi, Vassiliki; Moreno Cruz, Juan; Muri, Helene; Quaas, Martin F.; Rickels, Wilfried
2017 A Market Mechanism for Sustainable and Efficient Resource Use under UncertaintyQuaas, Martin F.; Winkler, Ralph
2018 Turning the global thermostat - who, when, and how much?Rickels, Wilfried; Quaas, Martin F.; Ricke, Kate; Quaas, Johannes; Moreno Cruz, Juan; Smulders, Sjak
2019 Welche Rolle spielen negative Emissionen für die zukünftige Klimapolitik? Eine ökonomische Einschätzung des 1,5°C-Sonderberichts des WeltklimaratsRickels, Wilfried; Merk, Christine; Honneth, Johannes; Schwinger, Jörg; Quaas, Martin F.; Oschlies, Andreas
2019 Intertemporal Utility with Heterogeneous Goods and Constant Elasticity of SubstitutionQuaas, Martin F.; Baumgärtner, Stefan; Drupp, Moritz A.; Meya, Jasper N.
2020 The Social Cost of Contacts: Theory and Evidence for the COVID-19 Pandemic in GermanyQuaas, Martin F.; Meya, Jasper N.; Schenk, Hanna; Bos, Björn; Drupp, Moritz A.; Requate, Till