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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010 Against the one-way-street: Analyzing knowledge transfer from industry to scienceFier, Heide; Pyka, Andreas
2011 Avoiding evolutionary inefficiencies in innovation networksPyka, Andreas
2011 R&D and knowledge dynamics in university-industry relationships in biotech and pharmaceuticals: An agent-based modelTriulzi, Giorgio; Scholz, Ramon; Pyka, Andreas
2012 Determinants of Evolutionary Change Processes in Innovation Networks – Empirical Evidence from the German Laser IndustryKudic, Muhamed; Pyka, Andreas; Günther, Jutta
2012 Distal embedding as a technology innovation network formation strategyParedes-Frigolett, Harold; Pyka, Andreas
2012 Identifizierung und Analyse deutsch-türkischer Innovationsnetzwerke: Erste Ergebnisse des TGIN-ProjektesHartmann, Dominik; Pyka, Andreas; Aydin, Seda; Klauß, Lena; Stahl, Fabian; Santircioglu, Ali; Oberegelsbacher, Silvia; Rashidi, Sheida; Onan, Gaye; Erginkoç, Suna
2012 A taxonomy of innovation networksSchön, Benjamin; Pyka, Andreas
2012 Varieties of service economies in EuropeDi Meglio, Gisela; Pyka, Andreas; Rubalcaba, Luis
2013 The success factors of technology-sourcing through mergers & acquisitions: An intuitive meta-analysisSchön, Benjamin; Pyka, Andreas
2013 Innovation, economic diversification and human developmentHartmann, Dominik; Pyka, Andreas
2013 Turkish-German innovation networks in the European research landscapeProstolupow, Irene; Pyka, Andreas; Heller-Schuh, Barbara
2013 Migration and innovation: A surveyRashidi, Sheida; Pyka, Andreas
2013 The evolution of innovation networks: The case of a German automotive networkBuchmann, Tobias; Pyka, Andreas
2013 Network Formation: R&D Cooperation Propensity and Timing Among German Laser Source ManufacturersKudic, Muhamed; Pyka, Andreas; Sunder, Marco
2014 Ranking the performance of national innovation systems in the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America from a neo-Schumpeterian economics perspectiveParedes-Frigolett, Harold; Pyka, Andreas; Pereira, Javier; Gomes, Luiz Flávio Autran Monteiro
2014 Varieties of knowledge-based bioeconomiesUrmetzer, Sophie; Pyka, Andreas
2015 Agent-based modeling for decision making in economics under uncertaintyVermeulen, Ben; Pyka, Andreas
2016 Agent-based modeling for decision making in economics under uncertaintyVermeulen, Ben; Pyka, Andreas
2016 Playfulness, ideology and the technology of foolishness in the creation of a novel market niche for distributed control: The case of iPLONCasalini, Annachiara; Fioretti, Guido; Pyka, Andreas
2016 Structural shift and increasing variety in Korea, 1960-2010: Empirical evidence of the economic development model by the creation of new sectorsYeon, Jung-In; Pyka, Andreas; Kim, Tai-Yoo