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2008Do reservation wages really decline? Some international evidence on the determinants of reservation wagesAddison, John T.; Centeno, Mário; Portugal, Pedro
2008Do Reservation Wages Really Decline? Some International Evidence on the Determinants of Reservation WagesAddison, John T.; Centeno, Mário; Portugal, Pedro
2009Increasing the legal retirement age: the impact on wages, worker flows and firm performanceMartins, Pedro Silva; Novo, Álvaro A.; Portugal, Pedro
2009Why do firms use fixed-term contracts?Portugal, Pedro; Varejão, José
2009A simple feasible alternative procedure to estimate models with high-dimensional fixed effectsGuimarães, Paulo; Portugal, Pedro
2009Real wages and the business cycle: accounting for worker and firm heterogeneityCarneiro, Anabela; Guimarães, Paulo; Portugal, Pedro
2010Price and wage formation in PortugalRobalo Marques, Carlos; Martins, Fernando; Portugal, Pedro
2010The reservation wage unemployment duration nexusAddison, John T.; Machado, José A. F.; Portugal, Pedro
2010Wages and the risk of displacementCarneiro, Anabela; Portugal, Pedro
2012Everything you always wanted to know about sex discriminationCardoso, Ana Rute; Guimarães, Paulo; Portugal, Pedro
2013The sources of wage variation: A three-way high-dimensional fixed effects regression modelTorres, Sónia; Portugal, Pedro; Addison, John T.; Guimarães, Paulo
2013Catastrophic Job DestructionCarneiro, Anabela; Portugal, Pedro; Varejão, José
2014Labour Demand Research: Towards a Better Match between Better Theory and Better DataAddison, John T.; Portugal, Pedro; Varejão, José M.
2015Sources of the Union Wage Gap: Results from High-Dimensional Fixed Effects Regression ModelsAddison, John T.; Portugal, Pedro; Vilares, Hugo
2015Decomposing the Wage Losses of Displaced Workers: The Role of the Reallocation of Workers into Firms and Job TitlesRaposo, Pedro; Portugal, Pedro; Carneiro, Anabela
2015Unions and Collective Bargaining in the Wake of the Great RecessionAddison, John T.; Portugal, Pedro; Vilares, Hugo
2015Drug Decriminalization and the Price of Illicit DrugsFélix, Sónia; Portugal, Pedro
2015Seriously Strengthening the Tax-Benefit LinkPortugal, Pedro; Raposo, Pedro
2016Labor Market Imperfections and the Firm's Wage Setting PolicyFélix, Sónia; Portugal, Pedro
2017Upward Nominal Wage RigidityGuimarães, Paulo; Martins, Fernando; Portugal, Pedro