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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 Reshaping the global economyPisani-Ferry, Jean; Santos, Indhira
2010 Challenges facing European Monetary UnionLachman, Desmond; De Grauwe, Paul; Kösters, Wim; Mabbett, Deborah; Schelkle, Waltraud; Matthes, Jürgen; Pisani-Ferry, Jean; Sapir, André; Häde, Ulrich; Gros, Daniel; Mayer, Thomas
2010 The threat of currency wars: a European perspectiveDarvas, Zsolt; Pisani-Ferry, Jean
2010 Euro-area governance: what went wrong? How to repair it?Pisani-Ferry, Jean
2010 China and the world economy: a European perspectivePisani-Ferry, Jean
2011 A comprehensive approach to the euro-area debt crisis: Background calculationsDarvas, Zsolt; Gouardo, Christophe; Pisani-Ferry, Jean; Sapir, André
2011 Europe's growth emergencyDarvas, Zsolt; Pisani-Ferry, Jean
2011 Reform of the international monetary system: some concrete stepsBénassy-Quéré, Agnès; Pisani-Ferry, Jean; Yongding, Yu
2011 From convoy to parting ways? Post-crisis divergence between European and US macroeconomic policiesPisani-Ferry, Jean; Posen, Adam S.
2011 The threat of 'currency wars': A European perspectiveDarvas, Zsolt; Pisani-Ferry, Jean
2011 What international monetary system for a fast-changing world economyBénassy-Quéré, Agnès; Pisani-Ferry, Jean
2011 A Comprehensive Approach to the Euro-Area Debt CrisisDarvas, Zsolt; Pisani-Ferry, Jean; Sapir, André
2011 Europe's Growth EmergencyDarvas, Zsolt; Pisani-Ferry, Jean
2011 Wanted: A stronger and better G20 for the global economyAngeloni, Ignazio; Pisani-Ferry, Jean
2011 An action plan for Europe's leadersMarzinotto, Benedicta; Pisani-Ferry, Jean; Wolff, Guntram B.
2012 The G20: Characters in search of an authorAngeloni, Ignazio; Pisani-Ferry, Jean
2012 The simple macroeconomics of North and South in EMUMerler, Silvia; Pisani-Ferry, Jean
2012 The Euro crisis and the new impossible trinityPisani-Ferry, Jean
2012 Who's afraid of sovereign bonds?Merler, Silvia; Pisani-Ferry, Jean
2012 Sudden stops in the Euro areaMerler, Silvia; Pisani-Ferry, Jean