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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 "I wish i had 100 dollars a month ...": The intergenerational transfer of poverty in MongoliaPastore, Francesco
2012 Delayed graduation and overeducation: A test of the human capital model versus the screening hypothesisAina, Carmen; Pastore, Francesco
2012 Labour turnover and the spatial distribution of unemployment: A panel data analysis using employment registry dataPastore, Francesco; Tyrowicz, Joanna
2013 Note on Lilien and Modified Lilien indexAnsari, Muhammad Rashid; Mussida, Chiara; Pastore, Francesco
2013 Primum vivere... industrial change, job destruction and the geographical distribution of unemploymentPastore, Francesco
2013 Ora et non Labora? A Test of the Impact of Religion on Female Labor SupplyPastore, Francesco; Tenaglia, Simona
2013 Gender Differences in Earnings and Labor Supply in Early Career: Evidence from Kosovo's School-to-Work Transition SurveyPastore, Francesco; Sattar, Sarosh; Tiongson, Erwin R.
2013 Horizontal Mismatch in the Labour Market of Graduates: The Role of SignallingDomadenik, Polona; Farécnik, Daésa; Pastore, Francesco
2013 Gender differences in earnings and labor supply in early career: Evidence from Kosovo's school-to-work transition surveyPastore, Francesco; Sattar, Sarosh; Tiongson, Erwin R.
2013 Overeducation at a Glance: Determinants and Wage Effects of the Educational Mismatch, Looking at the AlmaLaurea DataCaroleo, Floro Ernesto; Pastore, Francesco
2015 Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis: Religion and Female Employment over TimeFischer, Justina A.V.; Pastore, Francesco
2015 Completing the Monetary Union of Europe as Mid-term Solution of the Euro CrisisFischer, Justina A.V.; Pastore, Francesco
2015 The European Youth Guarantee: Labor market context, conditions and opportunities in ItalyPastore, Francesco
2015 The European Youth Guarantee: Labor Market Context, Conditions and Opportunities in ItalyPastore, Francesco
2015 Overeducation: A Disease of the School-to-Work Transition SystemCaroleo, Floro Ernesto; Pastore, Francesco
2015 The Inheritance of Educational Inequality among Young People in Developing CountriesPastore, Francesco; Roccisano, Federica
2016 Much Ado About Nothing? The Wage Effect of Holding a Ph.D. Degree But Not a Ph.D. Job PositionGaeta, Giuseppe Lucio; Lubrano Lavadera, Giuseppe; Pastore, Francesco
2016 When Do Gender Wage Differences Emerge? A Study of Azerbaijan's Labor MarketPastore, Francesco; Sattar, Sarosh; Sinha, Nistha; Tiongson, Erwin R.
2017 Investing in human capital to boost growth!Caroleo, Floro Ernesto; Pastore, Francesco
2017 Are school-provided skills useful at work? Results of the Wiles testLiwiński, Jacek; Pastore, Francesco