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2009EU-Migrationspolitik nach Lissabon und Stockholm: Neue Kompetenzen, bessere Politik?Angenendt, Steffen; Parkes, Roderick
2009Asylum and immigration cooperation after Lisbon: New competencies, better policy?Angenendt, Steffen; Parkes, Roderick
2009Großbritannien: "Being nice to a sceptic?". Warum es sich lohnt, in den schwierigen EU-Partner zu investierenParkes, Roderick; Kremer, Martin
2009Engaging with British European policy being nice to a sceptic?Kremer, Martin; Parkes, Roderick
2010Die EU und ihre neue britische FrageKremer, Martin; Parkes, Roderick
2010When home affairs becomes foreign policy: Lessons from EU immigration policy towards North Africa and Eastern EuropeParkes, Roderick
2010Blue Card - (noch) kein Erfolg? Perspektiven der EU-Migrationspolitik für hochqualifizierte ArbeitskräfteAngenendt, Steffen; Parkes, Roderick
2010Partnership: A new EU approach to fighting irregular immigration?Parkes, Roderick; Schneider, Moritz
2010Costing free movement: Fear and non-transposition in the Schengen areaParkes, Roderick
2010The British question: What explains the EU's new angloscepticism?Kremer, Martin; Parkes, Roderick
2010Europäische Solidarität in Katastrophenschutz und Terrorabwehr? Vorschläge zur Umsetzung der Solidaritätsklausel des Vertrags von Lissabonvon Ondarza, Nicolai; Parkes, Roderick
2010A new impulse for EU Asylum Policy: The potential of the European Asylum Support OfficeParkes, Roderick; Angenendt, Steffen
2010The EU in the face of disaster: Implementing the Lisbon Treaty's solidarity clausevon Ondarza, Nicolai; Parkes, Roderick
2010Neuer Impuls für die EU-Asylpolitik? Möglichkeiten und Grenzen des neuen Unterstützungsbüros für AsylfragenAngenendt, Steffen; Parkes, Roderick
2010The Blue Card impasse: Three options for EU policy on highly qualified immigrantsAngenendt, Steffen; Parkes, Roderick
2011How the UK became politically dependent on Germany: And why Germany should exploit the situation for a new bilateralismParkes, Roderick
2012The divisiveness of mobility: Fuelling populism in the Euro and Schengen areasSchwarzer, Daniela; Parkes, Roderick
2012Is the UK jumping or being pushed? British separatism after Cameron's EU vetoMaurer, Andreas; Parkes, Roderick