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2017 The Janus-faced nature of debt: Results from a data-driven cointegrated SVAR approachGuerini, Mattia; Moneta, Alessio; Napoletano, Mauro; Roventini, Andrea
2017 Rational heuristics? Expectations and behaviors in evolving economies with heterogeneous interacting agentsDosi, Giovanni; Napoletano, Mauro; Roventini, Andrea; Stiglitz, Joseph E.; Treibich, Tania
2017 Time-varying fiscal multipliers in an agent-based model with credit rationingNapoletano, Mauro; Roventini, Andrea; Gaffard, Jean Luc
2018 Collateral unchained: Rehypothecation networks, concentration and systemic effectsLuu, Duc Thi; Napoletano, Mauro; Barucca, Paolo; Battiston, Stefano
2018 And then he wasn't a she: Climate change and green transitions in an agent-based integrated assessment modelLamperti, Francesco; Dosi, Giovanni; Napoletano, Mauro; Roventini, Andrea; Sapio, Alessandro
2018 An agent-based model of intra-day financial markets dynamicsStaccioli, Jacopo; Napoletano, Mauro
2018 Debunking the granular origins of aggregate fluctuations: From real business cycles back to KeynesDosi, Giovanni; Napoletano, Mauro; Roventini, Andrea; Treibich, Tania
2018 Market disequilibrium, monetary policy, and inancial markets: Insights from new toolsGaffard, Jean Luc; Napoletano, Mauro
2019 Winter is possibly not coming: Mitigating financial instability in an agent-based model with interbank marketPopoyan, Lilit; Napoletano, Mauro; Roventini, Andrea