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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 RIO+10 - much talk, little actionMichaelowa, Axel; Lehmkuhl, David
2003 Financing Structures for CDM Projects in India and Capacity Building Options for EU-Indo CollaborationKrey, Matthias; Michaelowa, Axel; Deodhar, Vinay
2003 Baseline Determination at Government Discretion Multi-Project Baselines for the First Track of Joint Implementation?Schmitz, Simon; Michaelowa, Axel
2003 Development Aid and the CDM - How to interpret "Financial Additionality"Dutschke, Michael; Michaelowa, Axel
2003 Europe - a Pioneer in greenhouse gas emissions trading: History of rule development and major design elementsButzengeiger, Sonja; Michaelowa, Axel; Bode, Sven
2003 Removing barriers for renewable energy CDM projects in India and building capacity at the state levelYuvaraj Dinesh Babu, N.; Michaelowa, Axel
2003 The EU Proposal for Emissions Trading: A Reasonable Approach? Pro: Emissions Trading for Efficiency, Environmental Protection and Equity: The Cornerstone of EU Climate Policy Contra: Many Open QuestionsMichaelowa, Axel; Butzengeiger, Sonja; Roeder, Günter
2004 The German Wind Energy Lobby: How to successfully promote costly technological changeMichaelowa, Axel
2004 Klimapolitische Herausforderungen nach dem Inkrafttreten des Kioto-ProtokollsMichaelowa, Axel
2004 Großzügige Versorgung der Großemittenten mit CO2-EmissionsrechtenMichaelowa, Axel
2004 Measuring the Potential of Unilateral CDM: A Pilot StudyRaubenheimer, Stefan; Michaelowa, Axel; Jahn, Michael; Liptow, Holger
2004 CDM Potential of Dairy Sector in IndiaMichaelowa, Axel; Sirohi, Smita
2004 CDM Baseline Construction for Vietnam National Electricity GridTuyen, Tran Minh; Michaelowa, Axel
2004 Indian Urban Building Sector: CDM Potential through Engergy Efficiency in Electricity ConsumptionSingh, Inderjeet; Michaelowa, Axel
2004 CDM Potential for Rural Transition in China Case Study: Options in Yinzhou District, Zhejiang ProvinceZhao, Xingshu; Michaelowa, Axel
2004 Greenhouse gas emissions trading in the European Union: Background and implementation of a 'new' climate policy instrumentButzengeiger, Sonja; Michaelowa, Axel
2004 Climate policy challenges after the Kyoto protocol enters into forceMichaelowa, Axel
2004 Papiertiger Selbstverpflichtung: EmissionshandelMichaelowa, Axel
2004 Vorrang für Emittenteninteressen: Europäisches EmissionshandelssystemMichaelowa, Axel
2005 Efficient documentation and webmarketing strategies for DNAsMichaelowa, Axel; Gupta, Naman