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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 A million answers to twenty questions: choosing by checklistMandler, Michael; Manzini, Paola; Mariotti, Marco
2009 The paradoxes of the liberal ethics of non-interferenceMariotti, Marco; Veneziani, Roberto
2009 Choice by lexicographic semiordersManzini, Paola; Mariotti, Marco
2010 Moody choiceManzini, Paola; Mariotti, Marco
2010 A salience theory of choice errorsManzini, Paola; Mariotti, Marco
2010 Intergenerational justice in the Hobbesian state of natureManzini, Paola; Mariotti, Marco; Veneziani, Roberto
2011 Manipulation of choice behaviorManzini, Paola; Mariotti, Marco; Tyson, Christopher J.
2012 Choice by lexicographic semiordersMariotti, Marco; Manzini, Paola
2012 Opportunities as chances: maximising the probability that everybody succeedsMariotti, Marco; Veneziani, Roberto
2012 Stochastic choice and consideration setsManzini, Paola; Mariotti, Marco
2013 Two-stage threshold representationsManzini, Paola; Tyson, Christopher J.; Mariotti, Marco
2014 The Liberal Ethics of Non-Interference and the Pareto PrincipleMariotti, Marco; Veneziani, Roberto
2015 Stochastic complementarityManzini, Paola; Mariotti, Marco; Ulkti, Levent
2015 Modelling imperfect attentionManzini, Paola; Mariotti, Marco
2015 Competing for attention: Is the showiest also the best?Manzini, Paola; Mariotti, Marco
2016 Partial knowledge restrictions on the two-stage threshold model of choiceManzini, Paola; Mariotti, Marco; Tyson, Christopher J.
2016 Procedures for Eliciting Time PreferencesFreeman, David; Manzini, Paola; Mariotti, Marco; Mittone, Luigi
2018 Stochastic ComplementarityManzini, Paola; Mariotti, Marco; Ülkü, Levent