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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Linking household survey and administrative record data: what should the matching variables be?Jenkins, Stephen P.; Lynn, Peter; Jäckle, Annette; Sala, Emanuela
2005 The impact of a mixed-mode data collection design on non response bias on a business surveySala, Emanuela; Lynn, Peter
2005 A review of methodological research pertinent to longitudinal survey design and data collectionLynn, Peter; Buck, Nick; Burton, Jonathan; Jäckle, Annette; Laurie, Heather
2006 Telephone versus face-to-face interviewing: mode effects on data quality and likely causes: report on phase II of the ESS-Gallup mixed mode methodology projectJäckle, Annette; Roberts, Caroline; Lynn, Peter
2007 Respondent incentives in a multi-mode panel survey: cumulative effects on nonresponse and biasJäckle, Annette; Lynn, Peter
2008 Understanding cross-national differences in unit non-response: the role of contact dataBlom, Annelies G.; Lynn, Peter; Jäckle, Annette
2008 The development and implementation of a coding scheme to analyse interview dynamics in the British Household Panel SurveySala, Emanuela; Uhrig, S.C. Noah; Lynn, Peter
2008 Assessing the effect of data collection mode on measurementJäckle, Annette; Roberts, Caroline; Lynn, Peter
2008 The use of respondent incentives on longitudinal surveysLaurie, Heather; Lynn, Peter
2009 It is time computers do clever things! The impact of dependent interviewing on interviewer burdenSala, Emanuela; Uhrig, S.C. Noah; Lynn, Peter
2010 Data quality in telephone surveys and the effect of questionnaire length: A cross-national experimentRoberts, Caroline; Eva, Gillian; Allum, Nick; Lynn, Peter
2010 Experiments with methods to reduce attrition in longitudinal surveysFumagalli, Laura; Laurie, Heather; Lynn, Peter
2011 Is it a good idea to optimise question format for mode of data collection? Results from a mixed modes experimentNicolaas, Gerry; Campanelli, Pamela; Hope, Steven; Jäckle, Annette; Lynn, Peter
2011 The impact of mobile phones on survey measurement errorLynn, Peter; Kaminska, Olena
2011 Panel attrition: How important is it to keep the same interviewer?Lynn, Peter; Kaminska, Olena; Goldstein, Harvey
2011 The effect of interviewer personality, skills and attitudes on respondent co-operation with face-to-face surveysJäckle, Annette; Lynn, Peter; Sinibaldi, Jennifer; Tipping, Sarah
2011 Extended field efforts to reduce the risk of non-response bias: Do they pay off?Hall, Julia; Brown, Victoria; Nicolaas, Gerry; Lynn, Peter
2011 The effects of mixed mode survey designs on simple and complex analysesMartin, Peter; Lynn, Peter
2012 Effects of visual and aural communication of categorical response options on answers to survey questionsLynn, Peter; Hope, Steven; Jäckle, Annette; Campanelli, Pamela; Nicolaas, Gerry
2013 Implications of the EU-SILC following rules, and their implementation, for longitudinal analysisIacovou, Maria; Lynn, Peter