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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014 EU climate and energy policy beyond 2020: Are additional targets and instruments for renewables economically reasonable?Sijm, Jos; Lehmann, Paul; Chewpreecha, Unnada; Gawel, Erik; Mercure, Jean-Francois; Pollitt, Hector; Strunz, Sebastian
2014 Towards a general "Europeanization" of EU Member States' energy policies?Strunz, Sebastian; Gawel, Erik; Lehmann, Paul
2014 Wie viel Europa braucht die Energiewende?Gawel, Erik; Strunz, Sebastian; Lehmann, Paul
2015 Policy convergence: A conceptual framework based on lessons from renewable energy policies in the EUStrunz, Sebastian; Gawel, Erik; Lehmann, Paul; Söderholm, Patrik
2015 The political economy of renewable energy policies in Germany and the EUStrunz, Sebastian; Gawel, Erik; Lehmann, Paul
2015 Kapazitätsmechanismen als Rettungsschirm der Energiewende? Zur Versorgungssicherheit bei hohen Anteilen fluktuierender erneuerbarer Energien im StromsystemReeg, Matthias; Brandt, Robert; Gawel, Erik; Heim, Sven; Korte, Klaas; Lehmann, Paul; Massier, Philipp; Schober, Dominik; Wassermann, Sandra
2016 Sichere Stromversorgung bei hohen Anteilen volatiler erneuerbarer Energien: Was kann ein Strommarkt 2.0 leisten?Lehmann, Paul; Gawel, Erik; Korte, Klaas; Reeg, Matthias; Schober, Dominik
2016 A public choice framework for climate adaptation: Barriers to efficient adaptation and lessons learned from German flood disastersGawel, Erik; Lehmann, Paul; Strunz, Sebastian; Heuson, Clemens
2016 The rationales for technology-specific renewable energy support: Conceptual arguments and their relevance for GermanyGawel, Erik; Lehmann, Paul; Purkus, Alexandra; Söderholm, Patrik; Witte, Katherina
2016 Can technology-specific deployment policies be cost-effective? The case of renewable energy support schemesLehmann, Paul; Söderholm, Patrik
2016 Support policies for renewables: Instrument choice and instrument change from a public choice perspectiveGawel, Erik; Strunz, Sebastian; Lehmann, Paul
2017 Commitment vs. Discretion in Climate and Energy PolicyHabermacher, Florian; Lehmann, Paul
2017 Knowledge accumulation from public renewable energy R&D in the European Union: Converging or diverging trends?Grafström, Jonas; Söderholm, Patrik; Gawel, Erik; Lehmann, Paul; Strunz, Sebastian
2018 The regional heterogeneity of wind power deployment: An empirical investigation of land-use policies in Germany and SwedenLauf, Thomas; Ek, Kristina; Gawel, Erik; Lehmann, Paul; Söderholm, Patrik