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1994Does the common labor market imply the need for a European public pension system?Breyer, Friedrich; Kolmar, Martin
1996Intergenerational redistribution in a small open economy with endogenous fertilityKolmar, Martin
1996To fight or not to fight? An analysis of submission, struggle, and the design of contestsKörber, Achim; Kolmar, Martin
1996The illusion of intergenerational preference aggregation: Limits of individualistic population ethicsKolmar, Martin; Stolte, Klaus
1997Zur Effizienz nationaler Sozialversicherungssysteme in der Europäischen UnionKolmar, Martin
1997Optimal intergenerational redistribution and strategic incentives with two countries and endogenous fertility: Theory and application to the European UnionKolmar, Martin
2000Self-Correcting Mechanisms in Public Procurement: Why Award and Contract Should be SeparatedBös, Dieter; Kolmar, Martin
2000Anarchy, Efficiency, and RedistributionBös, Dieter; Kolmar, Martin
2000Anarchy, Efficiency and RedistributionBös, Dieter; Kolmar, Martin
2000Self-Correcting Mechanisms in Public Procurement: Why Award and Contract Should be SeparatedBoes, Dieter; Kolmar, Martin
2000Residence-based Capital Taxation: Why Information is Voluntarily Exchanged and why it is notEggert, Wolfgang; Kolmar, Martin
2000Soziale Mindeststandards in Europa?Kolmar, Martin
2001Helping the invisible hand: A theory of endogenous mutual concernKolmar, Martin
2001Efficiency Properties of Labor Taxation in a Spatial Model of Restricted Labor MobilityGuggenberger, Patrik; Kaul, Ashok; Kolmar, Martin
2001Endogenously excludable goodsKolmar, Martin
2001Federalism and the optimal degree of centralization of public goodsKolmar, Martin
2002Information Sharing, Multiple Nash Equilibria, and Asymmetric Capital-Tax CompetitionEggert, Wolfgang; Kolmar, Martin
2002Contests with Size EffectsEggert, Wolfgang; Kolmar, Martin
2002Management takeover battles and the role of the golden handshakeFabel, Oliver; Kolmar, Martin
2002Income redistribution in an economic union: Does asymmetric information legitimize centralization?Kolmar, Martin