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2019Sustainable product purchase: does information about product sustainability on social media affect purchase behavior?Saeed, Muhammad Amad; Farooq, Ammara; Kersten, Wolfgang; Ben Abdelaziz, Semah Ibrahim
2019Digital Transformation in Maritime and City Logistics: Smart Solutions for LogisticsJahn, Carlos; Kersten, Wolfgang; Ringle, Christian M.
2020State of research in arctic maritime logisticsIlin, Igior; Kersten, Wolfgang; Jahn, Carlos; Weigell, Jürgen; Levina, Anastasia; Kalyazina, Sofia
2020Sustainability in arctic maritime supply chainsWeigell, Jürgen; Ilin, Igor; Maydanova, Svetlana; Dubgorn, Alissa; Jahn, Carlos; Kersten, Wolfgang
2020Data Science in Maritime and City Logistics: Data-driven Solutions for Logistics and SustainabilityJahn, Carlos; Kersten, Wolfgang; Ringle, Christian M.
2020A holistic digitalization KPI framework for the aerospace industryKrol, Felix; Saeed, Muhammad Amad; Kersten, Wolfgang
2020Data Science and Innovation in Supply Chain Management: How Data Transforms the Value ChainKersten, Wolfgang; Blecker, Thorsten; Ringle, Christian M.
2020Product modularization in integrated supply chains: A product life-cycle phase specific concept for effect allocationBrylowski, Martin; Ludwig, Maximilian; Kersten, Wolfgang; Schultze, Wolfgang
2021Adapting to the Future: How Digitalization Shapes Sustainable Logistics and Resilient Supply Chain ManagementKersten, Wolfgang; Ringle, Christian M.; Blecker, Thorsten
2021Adapting to the Future: Maritime and City Logistics in the Context of Digitalization and SustainabilityJahn, Carlos; Kersten, Wolfgang; Ringle, Christian M.
2021Digital logistics as a perspective for the Northern Sea routeIlin, Igor; Maydanova, Svetlana; Jahn, Carlos; Weigell, Jürgen; Kersten, Wolfgang
2021How to apply artificial intelligence in the additive value chain: A systematic literature reviewBrylowski, Martin; Schwieger, Lea-Sophie; Nagi, Ayman; Kersten, Wolfgang
2021Supply chain analytics implementation: A TOE perspectiveLodemann, Sebastian; Kersten, Wolfgang
2021Integration of stakeholders in the innovation process of transportation networksLeven, Maximilian; Kersten, Wolfgang
2021Machine learning in supply chain management: A scoping reviewBrylowski, Martin; Schröder, Meike; Lodemann, Sebastian; Kersten, Wolfgang
2022Framework for the adoption of blockchain in maritime cold chainsSchnelle, Johannes; Schröder, Meike; Kersten, Wolfgang
2022Changing Tides: The New Role of Resilience and Sustainability in Logistics and Supply Chain Management – Innovative Approaches for the Shift to a New EraKersten, Wolfgang; Jahn, Carlos; Blecker, Thorsten; Ringle, Christian M.