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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020Data Science in Maritime and City Logistics: Data-driven Solutions for Logistics and SustainabilityJahn, Carlos; Kersten, Wolfgang; Ringle, Christian M.
2020Stowage planning for inland container vessels: A literature reviewFranzkeit, Janna; Schwientek, Anne Kathrina; Jahn, Carlos
2020Defining the quota of truck appointment systemsLange, Ann-Kathrin; Kreuz, Felix; Langkau, Sven; Jahn, Carlos; Clausen, Uwe
2020A first step towards automated image-based container inspectionsKlöver, Steffen; Kretschmann, Lutz; Jahn, Carlos
2020Modelling the IT and business process landscapes at inland intermodal terminalsGrafelmann, Michaela; Zlotos, Constatin; Lange, Ann-Kathrin; Jahn, Carlos
2021Literature review of installation logistics for floating offshore wind turbinesWeigell, Jürgen; Jahn, Carlos
2021Adapting to the Future: Maritime and City Logistics in the Context of Digitalization and SustainabilityJahn, Carlos; Kersten, Wolfgang; Ringle, Christian M.
2021Digital logistics as a perspective for the Northern Sea routeIlin, Igor; Maydanova, Svetlana; Jahn, Carlos; Weigell, Jürgen; Kersten, Wolfgang
2021Evaluation of an integrated planning and simulation toolKrüger, Stephan; Schwientek, Anne Kathrina; Jahn, Carlos
2021Assessing performance of container slot allocation heuristicsKastner, Marvin; Peters, Malte; Jahn, Carlos
2021Analysis of the Suez Canal blockage with queueing theoryGast, Johannes; Binsfeld, Tom; Marsili, Francesca; Jahn, Carlos
2021Gantry crane scheduling and storage techniques in rail-road terminalsKaidabettu, Chiraag Dinesh; Lange, Ann-Kathrin; Jahn, Carlos
2022Potentials of direct container transshipment at container terminalsNellen, Nicole; Lange, Ann-Kathrin; Jahn, Carlos
2022Marine communication for shipping: Using ad-hoc networks at seaMishra, Neermegha; Kastner, Marvin; Jahn, Carlos
2022Changing Tides: The New Role of Resilience and Sustainability in Logistics and Supply Chain Management – Innovative Approaches for the Shift to a New EraKersten, Wolfgang; Jahn, Carlos; Blecker, Thorsten; Ringle, Christian M.
2022Assessing offshore wind farm collision risks using AIS data: An overviewWeigell, Jürgen; Jahn, Carlos
2022Potential of container terminal operations for RoRo terminalsKrüger, Stephan; Marius Schulze, Marius; Jahn, Carlos
2022Truck appointment systems: How can they be improved and what are their limits?Lange, Ann-Kathrin; Nellen, Nicole; Jahn, Carlos