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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 Inequalities and Their MeasurementHeshmati, Almas
2004 Continental and Sub-Continental Income InequalityHeshmati, Almas
2004 The World Distribution of Income and Income InequalityHeshmati, Almas
2004 Regional Income Inequality in Selected Large CountriesHeshmati, Almas
2004 Data Issues and Databases Used in Analysis of Growth, Poverty and Economic InequalityHeshmati, Almas
2005 The causal relationship between ICT and FDIGholami, Roghieh; Lee, Sang-Yong Tom; Heshmati, Almas
2005 The relationship between income inequality, poverty, and globalizationHeshmati, Almas
2005 Labour use and its adjustment in Indian manufacturing industriesBhandari, Amit K.; Heshmati, Almas
2005 Alternative composite Lisbon development strategy indicesHeshmati, Almas; Oh, Jong-Eun
2005 Evaluating dominance ranking of PSID incomes by various household attributesMaasoumi, Esfandiar; Heshmati, Almas
2005 Measurement of globalization and its variations among countries, regions and over timeBhandari, Amit K.; Heshmati, Almas
2006 Technical change and total factor productivity growth for Chinese provinces: a panel data analysisShiu, Alice; Heshmati, Almas
2006 Globalisation, inequality and poverty relationships: a cross country evidenceNeutel, Marcel; Heshmati, Almas
2006 Wage inequality and job insecurity among permanent and contract workers in India: evidence from organized manufacturing industriesBhandari, Amit K.; Heshmati, Almas
2007 On the multivariate analysis of the Lisbon processTausch, Arno; Heshmati, Almas; Bajalan, Chemen S.J.
2007 Establishment of science parks in the federal region of KurdistanHeshmati, Almas
2007 The determinants of foreign direct investment flows to the federal region of KurdistanHeshmati, Almas; Davis, Rhona
2007 A model for industrial development of the federal region of Kurdistan: science and technology policy, instruments and institutionsHeshmati, Almas
2007 Review of the recent trends in development economics research: with experience from the federal region of KurdistanHeshmati, Almas
2007 Measurement and analysis of child well-being in middle and high income countriesHeshmati, Almas; Bajalan, Chemen S.J.; Tausch, Arno