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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 The Transformation of Ownership Policy and Structure in Sweden: Convergence towards the Anglo-Saxon Model?Henrekson, Magnus; Jakobsson, Ulf
2002 Kommer IKT-revolutionen även att lyfta Euopas ekonomier?Edquist, Harald; Henrekson, Magnus
2002 Entrepreneurship: A weak link in the welfare stateHenrekson, Magnus
2003 The Swedish model of corporate ownership and control in transitionHenrekson, Magnus; Jakobsson, Ulf
2003 William J. Baumol: An entrepreneurial economist on the economics of entrepreneurshipEliasson, Gunnar; Henrekson, Magnus
2003 The Swedish Model of Corporate Ownership and Control in TransitionHenrekson, Magnus; Jakobsson, Ulf
2004 Technological breakthroughs and productivity growthEdquist, Harald; Henrekson, Magnus
2004 Tax effects on work activity, industry mix and shadow economy size: Evidence from rich-country comparisonsDavis, Steven J.; Henrekson, Magnus
2005 Is neoclassical economics still entrepreneurless?Bianchi, Milo; Henrekson, Magnus
2005 Promoting Entrepreneurship in the Welfare StateHenrekson, Magnus; Roine, Jesper
2006 Promoting entrepreneurship in the welfare stateHenrekson, Magnus; Roine, Jesper
2006 Economic preformance and work activity in Sweden after the crisis of the early 1990sDavis, Steven J.; Henrekson, Magnus
2006 Technological Breakthroughs and Productivity GrowthHenrekson, Magnus; Edquist, Harald
2006 Israel M. Kirzner: An Outstanding Austrian Contributor to the Economics of EntrepreneurshipDouhan, Robin; Henrekson, Magnus; Eliasson, Gunnar
2007 Economic Perfomance and Work Activity in Sweden after the Crisis of the Early 1990sDavis, Steven J.; Henrekson, Magnus
2007 Entrepreneurship and InstitutionsHenrekson, Magnus
2007 The Political Economy of EntrepreneurshipDouhan, Robin; Henrekson, Magnus
2007 The Political Economy of Entrepreneurship: An IntroductionDouhan, Robin; Henrekson, Magnus
2008 How should research performances be measures? Evidence from rankings of academic economistsHenrekson, Magnus; Waldenström, Daniel
2008 Competencies and Institutions Fostering High-growth FirmsHenrekson, Magnus; Johansson, Dan