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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 Credit risk transfer and bank competitionHakenes, Hendrik; Schnabel, Isabel
2010 On the existence and prevention of asset price bubblesEnders, Zeno; Hakenes, Hendrik
2010 Information disclosure, intertemporal risk sharing, and asset pricesDang, Tri Vi; Hakenes, Hendrik
2010 Competition, risk-shifting, and public bail-out policiesGropp, Reint E.; Hakenes, Hendrik; Schnabel, Isabel
2010 Capital Market Frictions and Economic GeographyKranich, Jan; Hakenes, Hendrik
2010 The Birth and Burst of Asset Price BubblesEnders, Zeno; Hakenes, Hendrik
2010 Bank Bonuses and Bail-out GuaranteesHakenes, Hendrik; Schnabel, Isabel
2011 A Theory of Private Research FundingFriedrici, Karola; Hakenes, Hendrik
2013 Bank bonuses and bail-outsHakenes, Hendrik; Schnabel, Isabel
2013 What influences banks' choice of risk managment tools? Theory and evidenceBülbül, Dilek; Hakenes, Hendrik; Lambert, Claudia
2013 Regulatory Capture by SophisticationHakenes, Hendrik; Schnabel, Isabel
2013 Model Risk - an Agency Theoretic ApproachSchlegel, Friederike; Hakenes, Hendrik
2014 Small banks and local economic developmentHasan, Iftekhar; Molyneux, Phil; Xie, Ru; Hakenes, Hendrik
2014 I Spy with my Little Eye... a Banking Crisis - Early Warnings and Incentive Schemes in BanksHakenes, Hendrik; Schlegel, Friederike
2014 Teamwork as a Self-Disciplining DeviceFahn, Matthias; Hakenes, Hendrik
2014 Tapping the Financial Wisdom of the Crowd - Crowdfunding as a Tool to Aggregate Vague InformationSchlegel, Friederike; Hakenes, Hendrik
2014 On the Incentive Effect of Job RotationKatolnik, Svetlana; Hakenes, Hendrik
2017 Teamwork as a self-disciplining deviceFahn, Matthias; Hakenes, Hendrik
2017 Market Depth, Leverage, and Speculative BubblesEnders, Zeno; Hakenes, Hendrik
2017 Bank stability and the allocation of liquidity in the banking systemHakenes, Hendrik; Schiephake, Eva