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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Nonparametric risk management with generalized hyperbolic distributionsChen, Ying; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Jeong, Seok-Oh
2005 Stable distributionsBorak, Szymon; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Weron, Rafał
2005 Predicting bankruptcy with support vector machinesHärdle, Wolfgang Karl; Moro, Rouslan A.; Schäfer, Dorothea
2005 Working with the XQCHärdle, Wolfgang Karl; Lehmann, Heiko
2006 Convenience yields for CO2 emission allowance futures contractsBorak, Szymon; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Trück, Stefan; Weron, Rafał
2006 Color harmonization in car manufacturing processAndriyashin, Anton; Benko, Michal; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Timofeev, Roman; Ziegenhagen, Uwe
2006 On the difficulty to design Arabic e-learning system in statisticsAhmad, Taleb; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Mungo, Julius
2006 Forecasting the term structure of variance swapsDetlefsen, Kai; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2006 Inhomogeneous dependency modelling with time varying copulaeGiacomini, Enzo; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Ignatieva, Ekaterina; Spokoiny, Vladimir
2006 Common functional principal componentsBenko, Michal; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Kneip, Alois
2006 Exploratory graphics of a financial datasetUnwin, Antony; Theus, Martin; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2006 Calibration risk for exotic optionsDetlefsen, Kai; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2006 Calibration design of implied volatility surfacesDetlefsen, Kai; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2006 Estimation of default probabilities with Support Vector MachinesChen, Shiyi; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Moro, Rouslan A.
2006 GHICA: Risk analysis with GH distributions and independent componentsChen, Ying; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Spokoiny, Vladimir
2006 Time dependent relative risk aversionGiacomini, Enzo; Handel, Michael; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2006 Robust econometricsČίžek, Pavel; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2006 On the appropriateness of inappropriate VaR modelsHärdle, Wolfgang Karl; Hlávka, Zdeněk; Stahl, Gerhard
2006 E-learning statistics: a selective reviewHärdle, Wolfgang Karl; Klinke, Sigbert; Ziegenhagen, Uwe
2006 VAR modeling for dynamic semiparametric factors of volatility stringsBrüggemann, Ralf; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Mungo, Julius; Trenkler, Carsten