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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Semiparametric bootstrap approach to hypothesis tests and confidence intervals for the hurst coefficientHall, Peter; Härdle, Wolfgang; Kleinow, Torsten; Schmidt, Peter
2000 A bootstrap test for single index modelsHärdle, Wolfgang; Mammen, Enno; Proença, Isabel
2000 Adaptive estimation for a time inhomogeneous stochastic-volatility modelHärdle, Wolfgang; Spokoiny, Vladimir G.; Teyssière, Gilles
2000 Web quantlets for time series analysisHärdle, Wolfgang; Kleinow, Torsten; Tschernig, Rolf
2000 Nonparametric estimation of additive models with homogeneous componentsHärdle, Wolfgang; Kim, Woocheol; Tripathi, Gautam
2000 On adaptive estimation in partial linear modelsGolubev, Georgi; Härdle, Wolfgang
2000 Common factors governing VDAX movements and the maximum lossHärdle, Wolfgang; Schmidt, Peter
2000 Flexible time series analysisHärdle, Wolfgang; Tschernig, Rolf
2000 An empirical likelihood goodness-of-fit test for time seriesChen, Song Xi; Härdle, Wolfgang; Kleinow, Torsten
2001 Semiparametric diffusion estimation and application to a stock market indexHärdle, Wolfgang; Kleinow, Torsten; Korostelev, Alexander P.; Logeay, Camille; Platen, Eckhard
2001 Bootstrap methods for time seriesHärdle, Wolfgang; Horowitz, Joel L.; Kreiss, Jens-Peter
2001 Time inhomogeneous multiple volatility modellingHärdle, Wolfgang; Herwartz, Helmut; Spokoiny, Vladimir G.
2001 MM*STAT: Eine interaktive Einführung in die Welt der StatistikHärdle, Wolfgang; Lehmann, Heiko; Rönz, Bernd
2001 On adaptive smoothing in partial linear modelsGolubev, Georgi; Härdle, Wolfgang
2001 The analysis of implied volatilitiesFengler, Matthias R.; Härdle, Wolfgang; Schmidt, Peter
2001 Dynamic nonparametric state price density estimation using constrained least squares and the bootstrapHärdle, Wolfgang; Yatchew, Adonis
2002 Semiparametric regression analysis under imputation for missing response dataWang, Qihua; Härdle, Wolfgang; Linton, Oliver
2002 Empirical likelihood-based dimension reduction inference for linear error-in-responses models with validation studyWang, Qihua; Härdle, Wolfgang
2002 Does male age have an influence on the risk of spontaneous abortion? An approach combining semiparametric and parametric regressionSlama, Rémy; Werwatz, Axel; Boutou, Odile; Ducot, Béatrice; Spira, Alfred; Härdle, Wolfgang
2002 Semi-parametric estimation of generalized partially linear single-index modelsXia, Yingcun; Härdle, Wolfgang