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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 Globalisierung, Sicherheit und WirtschaftspolitikFreytag, Andreas
2010 Can nature promote development? The role of sustainable tourism for economic growthFreytag, Andreas; Vietze, Christoph
2010 Patterns of force: System strength, terrorism and civil warFreytag, Andreas; Meierrieks, Daniel; Münch, Angela; Schneider, Friedrich G.
2010 Is regulation by milestones efficiency enhancing? An experimental study of environmental protectionFreytag, Andreas; Güth, Werner; Koppel, Hannes; Wangler, Leo
2010 On the geographic allocation of open source software activitiesvon Engelhardt, Sebastian; Freytag, Andreas; Schulz, Christoph
2010 Institutions, culture, and open sourcevon Engelhardt, Sebastian; Freytag, Andreas
2010 The Origins of Terrorism: Cross-Country Estimates on Socio-economic Determinants of TerrorismFreytag, Andreas; Krüger, Jens J.; Meierrieks, Daniel
2010 Patterns of Force: System Strength, Terrorism and Civil WarFreytag, Andreas; Meierrieks, Daniel; Münch, Angela; Schneider, Friedrich
2011 Ein Lösungsweg für die europäische Zahlungsbilanzkrise? Mehr Markt wagen!Fahrholz, Christian; Freytag, Andreas
2011 Sub-Saharan Africa and G20 Responses to the Global Financial Crises: First, do not harmFreytag, Andreas; Draper, Peter; Bauer, Matthias
2011 An offer you can't refuse: Murdering journalists as an enforcement mechanism of corrupt dealsBjørnskov, Christian; Freytag, Andreas
2011 Realwirtschaftliche Aspekte der gegenwärtigen Krise im Eurosystem: Ursachen, Wirkungen und ReformansätzeFahrholz, Christian; Freytag, Andreas
2011 Has assistance from USAID been successful in promoting and sustaining democracy? Evidence from the transition economies of Eastern Europe and EurasiaFreytag, Andreas; Heckelman, Jac C.
2012 The credibility of monetary policy announcements: Empirical evidence for OECD countries since the 1960sBelke, Ansgar; Freytag, Andreas; Keil, Jonas; Schneider, Friedrich
2012 A Way to Solve the Euro pean Balance of Payments Crisis? Take a Chance on Market Solutions!Fahrholz, Christian; Freytag, Andreas
2012 Determinants of FDI inflows into the Baltic countries: Empirical evidence from a gravity modelRaudonen, Svetlana; Freytag, Andreas
2012 Volunteering, happiness and public policyBinder, Martin; Freytag, Andreas
2012 Volunteering, happiness and public policyBinder, Martin; Freytag, Andreas
2012 Will TARGET2-Balances be Reduced again after an End of the Crisis?Fahrholz, Christian; Freytag, Andreas
2012 Comparing good and bad borrowing in developing countries - a study of twin casesFreytag, Andreas; Paldam, Martin