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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1986 Economic Growth and the Dynamics of Wage Determination: A Micro Simulation Study of the Stability Consequences of Deficient Variation in Factor Prices and Micro StructuresEliasson, Gunnar; Lindberg, Thomas
1986 Innovative Change, Dynamic Market Allocation and Long-Term Stability of Economic GrowthEliasson, Gunnar
1986 International Competition, Productivity Change and the Organisation of ProductionEliasson, Gunnar
1987 The Dynamics of Supply and Economic Growth: How Industrial Knowledge Accumulation Drives a Path Dependent Economic ProcessEliasson, Gunnar
1988 The International Firm: A Vehicle for Overcoming Barriers to Trade and a Global Intelligence Organization Diffusing the Notion of a NationEliasson, Gunnar
1988 The Firm as a Competent TeamEliasson, Gunnar
1988 ’MOSES’ (Model of the Swedish Economic System): A Presentation of the Swedish Micro-to-Macro Econometric ModelEliasson, Gunnar
1989 The Creation of the EC Internal Market and Its Effects on the Competitiveness of Producers in Other Industrial EconomiesEliasson, Gunnar; Lundberg, Lars
1989 The MOSES Model - Database and ApplicationsEliasson, Gunnar
1989 The Economics of Coordination, Innovation, Selection and Learning: A Theoretical Framework for Research in Industrial EconomicsEliasson, Gunnar
1989 Modeling the Experimentally Organized Economy - Complex Dynamics in an Empirical Micro-Macro Model of Endogenous Economic GrowthEliasson, Gunnar
1990 Business Competence, Organizational Learning and Economic Growth: Establishing the Smith-Schumpeter-Wicksell (SSW) ConnectionEliasson, Gunnar
1990 Deregulation, Innovative Entry and Structural Diversity as a Source of Stable and Rapid Economic GrowthEliasson, Gunnar
1990 Modeling Economic Change and Restructuring: The Micro Foundations of Economic ExpansionEliasson, Gunnar
1990 Financial Institutions in a European Market for Executive CompetenceEliasson, Gunnar
1990 The Knowledge Based Information EconomyEliasson, Gunnar; Fölster, Stefan; Lindberg, Thomas; Pousette, Tomas; Taymaz, Erol
1991 The Micro Frustrations of Privatizing Eastern EuropeEliasson, Gunnar
1991 The Nature and Importance of Economic CompetenceCarlsson, Bo; Eliasson, Gunnar
1992 The Limits of Policy Making: An Analysis of the Consequences of Boundedly Rational Government Using the Swedish Micro-to-Macro Model (MOSES)Eliasson, Gunnar; Taymaz, Erol
1992 Affärsmisstag och konkurserEliasson, Gunnar