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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005Contests with Size EffectsEggert, Wolfgang; Kolmar, Martin
2005Dual Income Taxation in EU Member CountriesEggert, Wolfgang; Genser, Bernd
2006Company tax coordination cum tax rate competition in the European UnionEggert, Wolfgang; Haufler, Andreas
2006The measurement of firm ownership and its effect on managerial payEdwards, Jeremy S. S.; Eggert, Wolfgang; Weichenrieder, Alfons J.
2006Company Tax Coordination cum Tax Rate Competition in the European UnionEggert, Wolfgang; Haufler, Andreas
2007Saving taxes through foreign plant ownershipEgger, Peter; Eggert, Wolfgang; Winner, Hannes
2007The Effects of Tax Competition when Politicians Create Rents to Buy Political SupportEggert, Wolfgang; Birch Sørensen, Peter
2007Education, unemployment and migrationEggert, Wolfgang; Krieger, Tim; Meier, Volker
2009What Is Necessary And What Is Possible In Today's Economic Policy: The Infentive Effects Of German Economic Stimulus PackagesEggert, Wolfgang; Krieger, Tim
2009Education, unemployment and migrationEggert, Wolfgang; Krieger, Tim; Meier, Volker
2009Home Ownership als Substitut für Sozialpolitik: Zum Entstehen der Finanzkrise in den USAEggert, Wolfgang; Krieger, Tim
2010Sollte der ermäßigte Mehrwertsteuersatz abgeschafft werden?Eggert, Wolfgang; Krieger, Tim; Stöwhase, Sven
2011Tax rate harmonization, renegotiation and asymmetric tax competition for profits with repeated interactionEggert, Wolfgang; Itaya, Jun-ichi
2015Diversification, Risk Aversion and Expectation in a Holdout ScenarioEggert, Wolfgang; Stephan, Maximilian; Temme, Janine; von Ungern-Sternberg, Handirk
2018Transfer Pricing and Partial Tax HarmonizationEggert, Wolfgang; Goerdt, Gideon; Heitzmann, Sebastian Felix
2020Substitution across Profit-Shifting Methods and the Impact on Thin Capitalization RulesEggert, Wolfgang; Goerdt, Gideon
2021Substitution across profit shifting methods and the impact on thin capitalization rulesGoerdt, Gideon; Eggert, Wolfgang