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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 The good, the bad and the naive: Do fair prices signal good types or do they induce good behaviour?Dulleck, Uwe; Johnston, David; Kerschbamer, Rudolf; Sutter, Matthias
2012 Tax Compliance and Psychic Costs: Behavioral Experimental Evidence Using a Physiological MarkerDulleck, Uwe; Fooken, Jonas; Newton, Cameron; Ristl, Andrea; Schaffner, Markus; Torgler, Benno
2014 Too much or too little? Price-discrimination in a market for credence goodsDulleck, Uwe; Kerschbamer, Rudolf; Konovalov, Alexander
2014 Impact Evaluation of an Incentive Program on Educational Achievement of Indigenous StudentsDulleck, Uwe; Silva-Goncalves, Juliana; Torgler, Benno
2015 How social preferences shape incentives in (experimental) markets for credence goodsKerschbamer, Rudolf; Sutter, Matthias; Dulleck, Uwe
2015 The Implications of Daylight Saving Time: A Field Experiment on Cognitive Performance and Risk TakingSchaffner, Markus; Sarkar, Jayanta; Torgler, Benno; Dulleck, Uwe
2016 Affirmative action and effort choice: An experimental investigationSilva-Goncalves, Juliana; Dulleck, Uwe; Hong, Anita Lee; Schaffner, Markus; Whyte, Stephen
2016 Does the 4th estate deliver? Towards a more direct measure of political media biasDewenter, Ralf; Dulleck, Uwe; Thomas, Tobias
2016 Does the 4th estate deliver? Towards more direct measure of political media biasDewenter, Ralf; Dulleck, Uwe; Thomas, Tobias
2018 Insights into the Impact of Bankruptcy's Public Record on Entrepreneurial Activity: Evidence from Economic ExperimentsDulleck, Uwe; Howell, Nicola J.; Koessler, Ann-Kathrin; Mason, Rosalind F.
2018 The political coverage index and its application to government captureDewenter, Ralf; Dulleck, Uwe; Thomas, Tobias
2018 Public Statements of Good Conduct Promote Pro-Social BehaviorKoessler, Ann-Kathrin; Page, Lionel; Dulleck, Uwe
2019 Government Funding of University-Industry Collaboration: Exploring the Impact of Targeted Funding on University Patent ActivityNugent, Annita; Chan, Ho Fai; Dulleck, Uwe
2019 Rewarding Commitment to Attend School: A Field Study with Indigenous Australian High School StudentsPotia, Azhar Hussain; Silva-Goncalves, Juliana; Torgler, Benno; Dulleck, Uwe
2019 Financial Decisions and Financial Regulation: Three Concepts of Performance Based RegulationDulleck, Uwe
2019 Response times and tax complianceChan, Ho Fai; Dulleck, Uwe; Torgler, Benno
2020 Linguistic Metrics for Patent Disclosure: Evidence from University versus Corporate PatentsKong, Nancy; Dulleck, Uwe; Jaffe, Adam; Sun, Shupeng; Vajjala, Sowmya