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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 Optimal Participation Income and Negative Income Tax in Poverty Alleviation ProgramsLanzi, Diego; Delbono, Flavio
2011 Co-Production and Managed Competition in Mixed Quasi-marketsDelbono, Flavio; Lanzi, Diego
2013 Persistence of high income inequality and banking crises: 1980-2010Bellettini, Giorgio; Delbono, Flavio
2013 Cooperative firms and the crisis: evidence from some Italian mixed oligopoliesDelbono, Flavio; Reggiani, Carlo
2013 Persistence of High Income Inequality and Banking Crises: 1980-2010Bellettini, Giorgio; Delbono, Flavio
2014 Cartel Size and Collusive Stability with Non-Capitalistic PlayersDelbono, Flavio; Lambertini, Luca
2014 Optimal firms' mix in oligopoly with twofold environmental externalityDelbono, Flavio; Lambertini, Luca
2014 Horizontal Mergers with Capital Adjustments: Workers' Cooperatives and the Merger ParadoxDelbono, Flavio; Lambertini, Luca
2014 Nationalization as credible threat against tacit collusionDelbono, Flavio; Lambertini, Luca
2015 On the Observational Equivalence of Unilateral Delegation Contracts in DuopolyLambertini, Luca; Delbono, Flavio
2015 Parabolic Cylinders and Folk TheoremsDelbono, Flavio; Lambertini, Luca
2015 Investigating the Strategic Nature of Supply Functions in OligopolyDelbono, Flavio; Lambertini, Luca
2015 Cournot Retrouvé under Price or Supply Function CompetitionDelbono, Flavio; Lambertini, Luca
2015 Bertrand versus Cournot with Convex Variable CostsDelbono, Flavio; Lambertini, Luca
2015 A single espresso, please! Rationalizing espresso price dispersion across Italian citiesDelbono, Flavio; Dipoppa, Gemma; Lambertini, Luca; Reggiani, Carlo
2015 Strategic Delegation under Cost AsymmetryDelbono, Flavio; Lambertini, Luca; Marattin, Luigi
2015 Ranking Bertrand, Cournot and Supply Function Equilibria in OligopolyDelbono, Flavio; Lambertini, Luca
2015 On the properties of linear supply functions in oligopolyDelbono, Flavio; Lambertini, Luca
2016 Choosing Roles under Supply Function CompetitionDelbono, Flavio; Lambertini, Luca
2016 On Globally Optimal Punishments in the Repeated Cournot GameDelbono, Flavio; Lambertini, Luca