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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Measuring financial integration in new EU member statesBaltzer, Markus; Cappiello, Lorenzo; De Santis, Roberto A.; Manganelli, Simone
2009 Cross-Border Mergers and acquisitions: Financial and institutional forcesCoeurdacier, Nicolas; De Santis, Roberto A.; Aviat, Antonin
2012 Quantity theory is alive: the role of international portfolio shiftsDe Santis, Roberto A.
2012 The Euro area sovereign debt crisis: safe haven, credit rating agencies and the spread of the fever from Greece, Ireland and PortugalDe Santis, Roberto A.
2013 A non-standard monetary policy shock: the ECB’s 3-year LTROs and the shift in credit supplyDarracq Pariès, Matthieu; De Santis, Roberto A.
2013 Bank lending and monetary transmission in the euro areaDe Santis, Roberto A.; Surico, Paolo
2014 Financial indicators signalling correlation changes in sovereign bond marketsDe Santis, Roberto A.; Stein, Michael
2015 A measure of redenomination riskDe Santis, Roberto A.
2015 Fiscal policy adjustments in the euro area stressed countries: new evidence from non-linear models with state-varying thresholdsDe Santis, Roberto A.; Legrenzi, Gabriella; Milas, Costas
2017 Spillovers among sovereign debt markets: Identification by absolute magnitude restrictionsDe Santis, Roberto A.; Zimic, Srĕcko
2017 Flow effects of central bank asset purchases on euro area sovereign bond yields: Evidence from a natural experimentDe Santis, Roberto A.; Holm-Hadulla, Fédéric
2019 Interest rates and foreign spilloversDe Santis, Roberto A.; Zimic, Srečko
2019 ECB corporate QE and the loan supply to bank-dependent firmsBetz, Frank; De Santis, Roberto A.
2019 Unconventional monetary policy and corporate bond issuanceDe Santis, Roberto A.; Zaghini, Andrea
2020 Risk and return in international corporate bond marketsBekaert, Geert; De Santis, Roberto A.
2020 Macroeconomic risks across the globe due to the Spanish fluDe Santis, Roberto A.; Van der Veken, Wouter
2020 Forecasting macroeconomic risk in real time: Great and Covid-19 recessionsDe Santis, Roberto A.; Van der Veken, Wouter
2021 Unconventional monetary policy and corporate bond issuanceDe Santis, Roberto A.; Zaghini, Andrea