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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 Mother or child? Intra-household redistribution under gender-asymmetric altruismDasgupta, Indraneel
2009 Repayment versus investment conditions and exclusivity in lending contractsBougheas, Spiros P.; Dasgupta, Indraneel; Morrissey, Oliver
2009 Why praise inequality? Public good provision, income distribution and social welfareDasgupta, Indraneel
2009 Supply theory sans profit-maximizationDasgupta, Indraneel
2010 Comparative statics for a consumer with possibly multiple optimum consumption bundlesDasgupta, Indraneel; Pattanaik, Prasanta K.
2011 Model of NGO regulation with an application to UgandaBurger, Ronelle; Dasgupta, Indraneel; Owens, Trudy
2011 Why use ROSCAs when you can use banks? Theory and evidence from EthiopiaKedir, Abbi M.; Disney, Richard; Dasgupta, Indraneel
2011 Why use ROSCAs when you can use the banks? Theory and evidence from EthiopiaKedir, Abbi; Disney, Richard; Dasgupta, Indraneel
2014 Assimilation, Criminality and Ethnic ConflictDasgupta, Indraneel; Mukherjee, Diganta
2014 Why Pay NGOs to Involve the Community?Burger, Ronelle; Dasgupta, Indraneel; Owens, Trudy
2014 Why pay NGOs to involve the community?Burger, Ronelle; Dasgupta, Indraneel; Owens, Trudy
2015 A Model of Dynamic Conflict in EthnocraciesBakshi, Dripto; Dasgupta, Indraneel
2016 Identity Conflict with Cross-Border SpilloversBakshi, Dripto; Dasgupta, Indraneel
2017 Between-Group Contests over Group-Specific Public Goods with Within-Group FragmentationDasgupta, Indraneel; Neogi, Ranajoy Guha
2017 Decolonization, Property Rights and Language ConflictsDasgupta, Indraneel; Neogi, Ranajoy Guha
2018 The labor market in India since the 1990sDasgupta, Indraneel; Kar, Saibal
2018 Touch Thee Not: Group Conflict, Caste Power, and Untouchability in Rural IndiaDasgupta, Indraneel; Pal, Sarmistha
2020 A Subscription vs. Appropriation Framework for Natural Resource ConflictsBakshi, Dripto; Dasgupta, Indraneel