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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010 Financial Transaction Tax: Small is BeautifulDarvas, Zsolt; von Weizsäcker, Jakob
2011 Debt restructuring in the Euro area: A necessary but manageable evil?Darvas, Zsolt
2011 A tale of three countries: Recovery after banking crisesDarvas, Zsolt
2011 The threat of 'currency wars': A European perspectiveDarvas, Zsolt; Pisani-Ferry, Jean
2011 Beyond the Crisis: Prospects for Emerging EuropeDarvas, Zsolt
2011 The fiscal and monetary institutions of CESEE countriesDarvas, Zsolt; Kostyleva, Valentina
2011 A comprehensive approach to the euro-area debt crisis: Background calculationsDarvas, Zsolt; Gouardo, Christophe; Pisani-Ferry, Jean; Sapir, André
2011 Europe's growth emergencyDarvas, Zsolt; Pisani-Ferry, Jean
2011 A Comprehensive Approach to the Euro-Area Debt CrisisDarvas, Zsolt; Pisani-Ferry, Jean; Sapir, André
2011 Europe's Growth EmergencyDarvas, Zsolt; Pisani-Ferry, Jean
2011 Fiscal and Monetary Institutions in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern European CountriesDarvas, Zsolt; Kostyleva, Valentina
2011 Debt restructuring in the euro area: a necessary but manageable evil?Darvas, Zsolt
2011 The Ten Roots of the Euro CrisisDarvas, Zsolt
2012 Intra-Euro rebalancing is inevitable but insufficientDarvas, Zsolt
2012 Compositional effects on productivity, labour cost and export adjustmentsDarvas, Zsolt
2012 The Greek debt trap: An escape planDarvas, Zsolt
2012 The Euro crisis: Ten roots, but fewer solutionsDarvas, Zsolt
2012 The ECB's magic wandDarvas, Zsolt
2012 Real effective exchange rates for 178 countries: A new databaseDarvas, Zsolt
2012 Monetary transmission in three central European economies: Evidence from time-varying coefficient vector autoregressionsDarvas, Zsolt