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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1996 Consumer Demand with Unobservable Product Attributes - Part II: InferenceDagsvik, John K.
1996 Dynamic Choice, Multistate Duration Models and Stochastic StructureDagsvik, John K.
1996 Aggregation in Matching MarketsDagsvik, John K.
1998 Consumer Demand and Unobservable Product AttributesBrubakk, Leif; Dagsvik, John K.
1998 Choice among Lotteries when Preferences are StochasticDagsvik, John K.
1998 Nonparametric Identification of Discrete Choice ModelsDagsvik, John K.
1998 A Behavioral Two-Sex Marriage ModelDagsvik, John K.; Flaatten, Ane S.; Brunborg, Helge
1998 Price Indexes for Elementary Aggregates Derived from Behavioral AssumptionsDagsvik, John K.; Brubakk, Leif
1998 A Framework for Empirical Modelling of Consumer Demand with Latent Quality AttributesDagsvik, John K.; Zhu, Yu; Aaberge, Rolf
1999 The Dynamics of a Behavioral Two-Sex Demographic ModelJohansen, Rune; Dagsvik, John K.
1999 Is the Distribution of Income Compatible with a Stable Distribution?Dagsvik, John K.; Vatne, Bjørn H.
2000 Multinomial Choice and SelectivityDagsvik, John K.
2001 Compensated Variation in Random Utility ModelsDagsvik, John K.
2002 Labor Market Modeling Recognizing Latent Job Attributes and Opportunity Constraints An Empirical Analysis of Labor Market Behavior of Eritrean WomenArneberg, Marie W.; Dagsvik, John K.; Jia, Zhiyang
2003 Analyzing labor supply behaviour with latent job opportunity sets and institutional choice constraintsDagsvik, John K.; Strøm, Steinar
2003 A stochastic model for the utility of incomeDagsvik, John K.; Strøm, Steinar; Jia, Zhiyang
2003 Analyzing Labor Supply Behavior with Latent Job Opportunity Sets and Institutional Choice ConstraintsDagsvik, John K.; Strøm, Steinar
2003 A Stochastic Model for the Utility of IncomeDagsvik, John K.; Strøm, Steinar; Jia, Zhiyang
2004 Sectoral labor supply, choice restrictions and functional formDagsvik, John K.; Strøm, Steinar
2004 Sectoral Labor Supply, Choice Restrictions and Functional FormDagsvik, John K.; Strøm, Steinar