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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Disagreement in partners' reports of financial difficultyBreunig, Robert; Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Gong, Xiaodong; Venn, Daniella
2005 Improving the modeling of couples' labour supplyBreunig, Robert; Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Gong, Xiaodong
2005 Racial harassment, job satisfaction and intentions to remain in the militaryAntecol, Heather; Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.
2006 The portfolio choices of Hispanic couplesCobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Hildebrand, Vincent A.
2006 The retirement expectations of middle-aged individualsCobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Stillman, Steven
2006 Racial and ethnic discrimination in local consumer markets: exploiting the army's procedures for matching personnel to duty locationsAntecol, Heather; Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.
2007 A comparative analysis of the nativity wealth gapBauer, Thomas K.; Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Hildebrand, Vincent A.; Sinning, Mathias
2007 Gender-biased behavior at work: what can surveys tell us about the link between sexual harassment and gender discrimination?Antecol, Heather; Barcus, Vanessa E.; Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.
2007 A Comparative Analysis of the Nativity Wealth GapBauer, Thomas K.; Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Hildebrand, Vincent A.; Sinning, Mathias
2008 Leaving home: what economics has to say about the living arrangements of young AustraliansCobb-Clark, Deborah A.
2008 Does the effect of incentive payments on survey response rates differ by income support history?Barón, Juan D.; Breunig, Robert; Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Gørgens, Tue; Sartbayeva, Anastasia
2008 The asset portfolios of native-born and foreign-born householdsCobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Hildebrand, Vincent A.
2008 Occupational segregation and the gender wage gap in private- and public-sector employment: a distributional analysisBarón, Juan D.; Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.
2008 Cultural transmission of work-welfare attitudes and the intergenerational correlation in welfare receiptBarón, Juan D.; Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Erkal, Nisvan
2008 Emigration and the age profile of retirement among immigrantsCobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Stillman, Steven
2008 The effect of community-level socio-economic conditions on threatening racial encountersAntecol, Heather; Cobb-Clark, Deborah A.
2009 Financial stress, family conflict, and youths' successful transition to adult rolesCobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Ribar, David C.
2009 Neighborhood diversity and the appreciation of native- and immigrant-owned homesCobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Sinning, Mathias G.
2009 Noncognitive skills, occupational attainment, and relative wagesCobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Tan, Michelle
2009 Portfolio allocation in the face of a means-tested public pensionCobb-Clark, Deborah A.; Hildebrand, Vincent A.