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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006 The elasticity of derived demand, factor substitution and product demand: corrections to Hicks' formula and Marshall's four rulesChirinko, Robert S.; Mallick, Debdulal
2007 The Fisher/Cobb-Douglas paradox, factor shares, and cointegrationChirinko, Robert S.; Mallick, Debdulal
2007 State investment tax incentives: a zero-sum game?Chirinko, Robert S.; Wilson, Daniel J.
2007 Fundamentals, misvaluation, and investment: the real storyChirinko, Robert S.; Schaller, Huntley
2008 [Sigma]: the long and short of itChirinko, Robert S.
2008 Asset price shocks, real expenditures, and financial structure: a multi-country analysisChirinko, Robert S.; de Haan, Leo; Sterken, Elmer
2008 The marginal product of capital: a persistent international puzzleChirinko, Robert S.; Mallick, Debdulal
2008 The irreversibility premiumChirinko, Robert S.; Schaller, Huntley
2010 Can lower tax rates be bought? Business rent-seeking and tax competition among US StatesChirinko, Robert S.; Wilson, Daniel J.
2011 Do bubbles lead to overinvestment? A revealed preference approachChirinko, Robert S.; Schaller, Huntley
2011 Tax competition among U.S. states: Racing to the bottom or riding on a seesaw?Chirinko, Robert S.; Wilson, Daniel J.
2013 Greenspan Shrugs: Central Bank Communication, Formal Pronouncements and Bond Market VolatilityChirinko, Robert S.; Curran, Christopher
2014 The Substitution Elasticity, Factor Shares, Long-Run Growth, and the Low-Frequency Panel ModelChirinko, Robert S.; Mallick, Debdulal
2016 Job Creation Tax Credits, Fiscal Foresight, and Job Growth: Evidence from U.S. StatesChirinko, Robert S.; Wilson, Daniel J.
2019 International Capital Allocations and the Lucas Paradox ReduxChirinko, Robert S.; Mallick, Debdulal
2019 What went wrong?: The Puerto Rican debt crisis, the "Treasury Put," and the failure of market disciplineChirinko, Robert S.; Chiu, Ryan; Henderson, Shaina