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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 Capital structure and the firm under uncertaintyBroll, Udo; Wong, Kit Pong
2003 Transparency in the foreign exchange market and the volume of international tradeBroll, Udo; Eckwert, Bernhard
2003 Information, unternehmensinterne Kommunikation und RisikopolitikBroll, Udo; Gilroy, B. Michael; Wahl, Jack E.
2003 Value at risk, bank equity and credit riskBroll, Udo; Wahl, Jack E.
2004 Labour Demand and Exchange Rate VolatilityBroll, Udo; Hansen, Sabine
2004 Transparency in the Interbank Market and the Volume of Bank Intermediated LoansBroll, Udo; Eckwert, Bernhard
2004 Domestic labor, foreign capital and national welfareBroll, Udo; Hansen, Sabine; Marjit, Sugata
2005 Wechselkurs und Wettbewerbsfähigkeit der sächsischen WirtschaftBroll, Udo; Liebe, Rico
2005 Dynamic Hedging of Real Wealth RiskSchubert, Stefan; Broll, Udo
2006 Optimale Fakturierung im AußenhandelFuchs, Frank; Broll, Udo; Wahl, Jack E.
2006 Value at risk, Equity and DiversificationBroll, Udo; Wahl, Jack E.
2006 Utility Functions of Equivalent Form and the Effect of Parameter Changes on Optimum Decision MakingBroll, Udo; Battermann, Harald L.; Wahl, Jack E.
2006 A Strategic Approach to Financial OptionsSiebe, Wilfried; Milde, Hellmuth; Broll, Udo; Bieta, Volker
2006 Bankmanagement mit Value at RiskBroll, Udo; Wahl, Jack E.
2007 Fakturierung im AußenhandelBroll, Udo; Fuchs, Frank; Wahl, Jack E.
2007 German Foreign Direct Investment and WagesLochner, Stefan; Broll, Udo
2007 The New Basel Accord and the Nature of Risk: A Game Theoretic PerspectiveSiebe, Wilfried; Milde, Hellmuth; Broll, Udo; Bieta, Volker
2007 Barriers to Diversification and Regional Allocation of CapitalBroll, Udo; Roldán-Ponce, Antonio; Wahl, Jack E.
2007 Licensing by a monopolist and unionized labor marketMukherjee, Soma; Broll, Udo; Mukherjee, Arijit
2007 The Competitive Firm Under Price Uncertainty: The Role of Information and HedgingBroll, Udo; Eckwert, Bernhard