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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 Accounting for changes in income inequality: Decomposition analyses for Great Britain, 1968 - 2009Brewer, Mike; Wren-Lewis, Liam
2012 The impact of a time-limited, targeted in-work benefit in the medium-term: An evaluation of In Work CreditBrewer, Mike; Browne, James; Chowdry, Haroon; Crawford, Claire
2012 Why did Britain's households get richer? Decomposing UK household income growth between 1968 and 2008-09Brewer, Mike; Wren-Lewis, Liam
2013 How taxes and welfare distort work incentives: Static lifecycle and dynamic perspectivesBrewer, Mike; Dias, Monica Costa; Shaw, Jonathan
2013 Inference with Difference-in-Differences RevisitedBrewer, Mike; Crossley, Thomas F.; Joyce, Robert
2014 Partnership dissolution: How does it affect income, employment and well-being?Brewer, Mike; Nandi, Alita
2015 The National Minimum Wage and its interaction with the tax and benefits system: A focus on Universal CreditBrewer, Mike; De Agostini, Paola
2015 Credit crunched: Single parents, universal credit and the struggle to make work payBrewer, Mike; De Agostini, Paola
2016 Can't work or won't work: Quasi-experimental evidence on work search requirements for single parentsAvram, Silvia; Brewer, Mike; Salvatori, Andrea
2016 Lone Parents, Time-Limited In-Work Credits and the Dynamics of Work and WelfareBrewer, Mike; Cribb, Jonathan
2016 Can't Work or Won't Work: Quasi-Experimental Evidence on Work Search Requirements for Single ParentsAvram, Silvia; Brewer, Mike; Salvatori, Andrea
2016 Free Childcare and Parents' Labour Supply: Is More Better?Brewer, Mike; Cattan, Sarah; Crawford, Claire; Rabe, Birgitta
2016 Free childcare and parents' labour supply: Is more better?Brewer, Mike; Cattan, Sarah; Crawford, Claire; Rabe, Birgitta
2017 Lone parents, time-limited in-work credits and the dynamics of work and welfareBrewer, Mike; Cribb, Jonathan
2017 Universal Pre-School and Labor Supply of MothersBrewer, Mike; Cattan, Sarah
2018 The return to work and how it is taxed: A dynamic perspectiveBrewer, Mike; Costa Dias, Monica; Shaw, Jonathan
2019 Top incomes in the UK: Analysis of the 2015-16 survey of personal incomesBrewer, Mike; Sámano-Robles, Claudia