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2011Adaptation can help mitigation: An integrated approach to post-2012 climate policyBosello, Francesco; Carraro, Carlo; De Cian, Enrica
2012Choosing the optimal climate change policy in the presence of catastrophic riskBosello, Francesco; De Cian, Enrica; Ferranna, Licia
2012Integrating water resources into computable general equilibrium models: A surveyPonce, Roberto; Bosello, Francesco; Giupponi, Carlo
2012Assessing the economic impacts of climate change: An updated CGE point of viewBosello, Francesco; Eboli, Fabio; Pierfederici, Roberta
2013Climate change and adaptation: The case of Nigerian agricultureBosello, Francesco; Campagnolo, Lorenza; Eboli, Fabio
2013Macroeconomic impacts of the EU 30% GHG mitigation targetBosello, Francesco; Campagnolo, Lorenza; Carraro, Carlo; Eboli, Fabio; Parrado, Ramiro; Portale, Elisa
2013Climate Change, Sea Level Rise, and Coastal Disasters. A Review of Modeling PracticesBosello, Francesco; De Cian, Enrica
2014Assessing Direct and Indirect Economic Impacts of a Flood Event Through the Integration of Spatial and Computable General Equilibrium ModellingCarrera, Lorenzo; Standardi, Gabriele; Bosello, Francesco; Mysiak, Jaroslav
2014Energy from Waste: Generation Potential and Mitigation OpportunityBosello, Francesco; Campagnolo, Lorenza; Eboli, Fabio; Parrado, Ramiro
2014A Sub-national CGE Model for ItalyStandardi, Gabriele; Bosello, Francesco; Eboli, Fabio
2015Catastrophic Risk, Precautionary Abatement, and Adaptation TransfersBosello, Francesco; De Cian, Enrica; Ferranna, Licia
2015Development, Climate Change Adaptation, and Maladaptation: Some Econometric EvidenceBosello, Francesco; Dasgupta, Shouro
2015Macro-economic Impact Assessment of Future Changes in European Marine Ecosystem ServicesBosello, Francesco; Delpiazzo, Elisa; Eboli, Fabio
2015Identifying the Link Between Coastal Tourism and Marine Ecosystems in the Baltic, North Sea, and Mediterranean CountriesOtrachshenko, Vladimir; Bosello, Francesco
2016Building Uncertainty into the Adaptation Cost Estimation in Integrated Assessment ModelsMarkandya, Anil; De Cian, Enrica; Drouet, Laurent; Polanco-Martìnez, Josué M.; Bosello, Francesco
2016Decarbonization Pathways in Southeast Asia: New Results for Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Viet NamBosello, Francesco; Orecchia, Carlo; Raitzer, David A.
2016Climate Change, Water Scarcity in Agriculture and the Economy-Wide Impacts in a CGE FrameworkPonce, Roberto; Parrado, Ramiro; Stehr, Alejandra; Bosello, Francesco
2016Economic Implications of EU Mitigation Policies: Domestic and International EffectsBosello, Francesco; Davide, Marinella; Alloisio, Isabella
2016The Cost of Climate Stabilization in Southeast Asia, a Joint Assessment with Dynamic Optimization and CGE ModelsBosello, Francesco; Marangoni, Giacomo; Orecchia, Carlo; Raitzer, David A.; Tavoni, Massimo
2020Accounting for adaptation and its effectiveness in International Environmental AgreementsFurini, Francesco; Bosello, Francesco