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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 Setting the minimum wageBoeri, Tito
2009 Preventing recession in Europe: National vs. European approachesSchmieding, Holger; Gros, Daniel; Boeri, Tito; Belke, Ansgar
2010 Is social security secure with NDC?Boeri, Tito; Galasso, Vincenzo
2010 Behind the lighthouse effectBoeri, Tito; Garibaldi, Pietro; Ribeiro, Marta
2011 Short-time work benefits revisited: Some lessons from the Great RecessionBoeri, Tito; Brücker, Herbert
2012 The labor market consequences of adverse financial shocksBoeri, Tito; Garibaldi, Pietro; Moen, Espen R.
2012 Moving to segregation: Evidence from 8 Italian citiesBoeri, Tito; de Philippis, Marta; Patacchini, Eleonora; Pellizzari, Michele
2012 The decline of professional football in ItalyBoeri, Tito; Severgnini, Battista
2013 How to Combine the Entry of Young People in the Labour Market with the Retention of Older Workers?Eichhorst, Werner; Boeri, Tito; De Coen, An; Galasso, Vincenzo; Kendzia, Michael J.; Steiber, Nadia
2013 The Economics of Severance PayBoeri, Tito; Garibaldi, Pietro; Moen, Espen R.
2014 Two-Tier BargainingBoeri, Tito
2014 How to combine the entry of young people in the labour market with the retention of older workers?Eichhorst, Werner; Boeri, Tito; DE Coen, An; Galasso, Vincenzo; Kendzia, Michael; Steiber, Nadia
2015 Perverse effects of two-tier wage bargaining structuresBoeri, Tito
2019 Wage Equalization and Regional Misallocation: Evidence from Italian and German ProvincesBoeri, Tito; Ichino, Andrea; Moretti, Enrico; Posch, Johanna
2020 The New Hazardous Jobs and Worker ReallocationBasso, Gaetano; Boeri, Tito; Caiumi, Alessandro; Paccagnella, Marco
2021 Friday Morning Fever. Evidence from a Randomized Experiment on Sick Leave Monitoring in the Public SectorBoeri, Tito; di Porto, Edoardo; Naticchioni, Paolo; Scrutinio, Vincenzo
2022 Labor Market Insurance Policies in the XXI CenturyBoeri, Tito; Cahuc, Pierre