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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 The Dual Income Tax System - An OverviewBoadway, Robin
2006 Commitment and Matching Contributions to Public GoodsBoadway, Robin; Song, Zhen; Tremblay, Jean-Francois
2006 Optimal Taxation with Consumption Time as a Leisure or Labor SubstituteBoadway, Robin; Gahvari, Firouz
2006 Bureaucratic Advice and Political GovernanceBoadway, Robin; Sato, Motohiro
2006 Entrepreneurship and Asymmetric Information in Input MarketsBoadway, Robin; Sato, Motohiro
2006 A Theory of Vertical Fiscal ImbalanceBoadway, Robin; Tremblay, Jean-Francois
2006 Tagging and Redistributive TaxationBoadway, Robin; Pestieau, Pierre
2006 Optimal Marginal and Average Income Taxation under Maxi-minBoadway, Robin; Jacquet, Laurence
2008 Pigouvian taxation in a Ramsey worldBoadway, Robin; Tremblay, Jean-Francois
2008 Optimal tax design and enforcement with an informal sectorBoadway, Robin; Sato, Motohiro
2009 The efficiency of voluntary pollution abatement when countries can commitBoadway, Robin; Song, Zhen; Tremblay, Jean-Francois
2009 Theoretical perspectives on resource tax designBoadway, Robin; Keen, Michael
2011 Indirect taxes for redistribution: Should necessity goods be favored?Boadway, Robin; Pestieau, Pierre
2011 Optimal income taxation with uncertain earnings: A synthesisBoadway, Robin; Sato, Motohiro
2013 Optimal linear commodity taxation under optimal non-linear income taxationJacobs, Bas; Boadway, Robin
2013 Normative Analysis with Societal ConstraintsBoadway, Robin; Martineau, Nicolas-Guillaume
2014 Rent Taxes and Royalties in Designing Fiscal Regimes for Non-Renewable ResourcesBoadway, Robin; Keen, Michael
2017 The Optimal Taxation of Risky Capital Income: The Rate of Return AllowanceSpiritus, Kevin; Boadway, Robin
2017 Eine W├╝rdigung von Meinhard Knoche aus der Sicht des Wissenschaftlichen Beirats des ifo InstitutsBoadway, Robin; Haveman, Robert; Razin, Assaf; Ursprung, Heinrich
2018 The Dubious Case for Annual Wealth TaxationBoadway, Robin; Pestieau, Pierre