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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2014 Legitimacy and the Cost of GovernmentBerggren, Niclas; Bjørnskov, Christian; Lipka, David
2015 What aspects of society affect the quality of life of a minority? Global evidence from the new Gay Happiness IndexBerggren, Niclas; Bjørnskov, Christian; Nilsson, Therese
2015 Did Africa's first choices matter? Growth legacies of leaders at independenceJørgensen, Christina Mangaard; Bjørnskov, Christian
2015 Economic Freedom and Economic CrisisBjørnskov, Christian
2016 Burying the bumblebee once and for all: Does big government hurt growth less in high-trust countries?Bergh, Andreas; Bjørnskov, Christian
2016 And yet it grows: Crisis, ideology, and interventionist policy ratchetsBjørnskov, Christian; Rode, Martin
2017 The market-promoting and market-preserving role of social trust in reforms of policies and institutionsBerggren, Niclas; Bjørnskov, Christian
2017 Do equal rights for a minority affect general life satisfaction?Berggren, Niclas; Bjørnskov, Christian; Nilsson, Therese
2017 Why do military dictatorships become presidential democracies? Mapping the democratic interests of autocratic regimesBjørnskov, Christian
2018 Coups, Regime Transition, and the Dynamics of Press FreedomBjørnskov, Christian; Freytag, Andreas; Gutmann, Jerg
2018 Coups, Regime Transition, and the Dynamics of Press FreedomBjørnskov, Christian; Freytag, Andreas; Gutmann, Jerg
2018 Do voters dislike liberalizing reforms? New evidence using data on satisfaction with democracyBerggren, Niclas; Bjørnskov, Christian
2018 Regulation and government debtBerggren, Niclas; Bjørnskov, Christian
2018 How persistent is life satisfaction? Evidence from European immigrationBerggren, Niclas; Bergh, Andreas; Bjørnskov, Christian; Tanaka, Shiori
2018 Coups, regime transition, and the dynamics of press freedomBjørnskov, Christian; Freytag, Andreas; Gutmann, Jerg
2019 Coups, regime transitions, and institutional changeBennett, Daniel L.; Bjørnskov, Christian; Gohmann, Stephen F.
2019 Terrorism and Emergency Constitutions in the Muslim WorldBjørnskov, Christian; Voigt, Stefan
2019 Corruption, judicial accountability and inequality: Unfair procedures may benefit the worst-offBerggren, Niclas; Bjørnskov, Christian
2019 Does economic freedom boost growth for everyone?Bergh, Andreas; Bjørnskov, Christian
2019 The economics of change and stability in social trust: Evidence from (and for) Catalan secessionBjørnskov, Christian; Borrella Mas, Miguel Ángel; Rode, Martin