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2015 Finanzierung globaler Entwicklung: Können Internationale Investitionsabkommen ausländische Direktinvestitionen erhöhen?Berger, Axel
2015 Post-2015: Die 2030-Agenda für nachhaltige Entwicklung braucht adäquate weltwirtschaftliche RahmenbedingungenBerensmann, Kathrin; Berger, Axel; Brandi, Clara
2015 The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, investor-state dispute settlement and ChinaBerger, Axel; Skovgaard Poulsen, Lauge N.
2016 Die G20 und die Zukunft des WelthandelssystemsBerger, Axel; Brandi, Clara
2016 The G20 and the future of the global trading systemBerger, Axel; Brandi, Clara
2016 Deep preferential trade agreements and upgrading in global value chains: the case of VietnamBerger, Axel; Bruhn, Dominique; Bender, Andrea; Friesen, Julia; Kick, Katharina; Kullmann, Felix; Roßner, Robert; Weyrauch, Svenja
2016 Nach der WTO-Konferenz von Nairobi: Wie geht es weiter mit der Welthandelsorganisation?Dieter, Heribert; Langhammer, Rolf J.; Bungenberg, Marc; Freytag, Andreas; Makokera, Catherine Grant; Berger, Axel; Brandi, Clara
2017 Towards “greening” trade? Tracking environmental provisions in the preferential trade agreements of emerging marketsBerger, Axel; Brandi, Clara; Bruhn, Dominique; Chi, Manjiao
2017 Environmental provisions in trade agreements: promises at the trade and environment interfaceBerger, Axel; Brandi, Clara; Bruhn, Dominique
2018 What's next for the investment facilitation agenda?Berger, Axel
2019 How can an international framework for investment facilitation contribute to sustainable development?Berger, Axel; Gsell, Sebastian
2019 Investment facilitation for development: a new route to global investment governanceBerger, Axel; Gsell, Sebastian; Olekseyuk, Zoryana
2019 With or without you: how the G20 could advance global action towards climate-friendly sustainable developmentBauer, Steffen; Berger, Axel; Iacobuta, Gabriela
2020 The implementation of the G7 and G20 gender equality goals in GermanyBerger, Axel; Hilbrich, Sören; Köhler, Gabriele
2020 The trade effects of the economic partnership agreements between the European Union and the African, Caribbean and Pacific group of states: Early empirical insights from panel dataStender, Frederik; Berger, Axel; Brandi, Clara; Schwab, Jakob
2020 Investment Facilitation für nachhaltige Entwicklung: Ein neuer Ansatz für internationale InvestitionspolitikBerger, Axel; Gsell, Sebastian; Olekseyuk, Zoryana
2021 The COVID-19 pandemic and structural transformation in Africa: Evidence for actionLeininger, Julia; Strupat, Christoph; Adeto, Yonas Adaye; Shimeles, Abebe; Wasike, Wilson; Aleksandrova, Mariya; Berger, Axel; Brandi, Clara; Brüntrup, Michael; Burchi, Francesco; Dick, Eva; El-Haddad, Amirah; Fiedler, Charlotte; Hackenesch, Christine; Houdret, Annabelle; Lehmann, Ina; Malerba, Daniele; Marschall, Paul; Mross, Karina; Schiller, Armin$cvon; Schraven, Benjamin; Ziaja, Sebastian; Adel, Marian; Gitt, Florian
2021 Quantifying investment facilitation at country level: Introducing a new indexBerger, Axel; Dadkhah, Ali; Olekseyuk, Zoryana
2021 The EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment: Stuck half-wayBerger, Axel; Chi, Manjiao
2021 Can the G20 serve as a launchpad for a multilateral investment agreement?Berger, Axel; Liu, Wan‐Hsin