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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Long waves of capitalist development: An empirical investigationBasu, Deepankar
2016 Farmer suicides in India: Levels and trends across major States, 1995-2011Basu, Deepankar; Das, Debarshi; Misra, Kartik
2017 The structure and content of Das KapitalBasu, Deepankar
2017 Profitability or industrial relations: What explains manufacturing performance across Indian states?Karak, Anirban; Basu, Deepankar
2017 A unified Marxist approach to accumulation and crisis in capitalist economiesBasu, Deepankar
2017 Public debt and growth: An assessment of key findings on causality and thresholdsAsh, Michael; Basu, Deepankar; Dube, Arindrajit
2018 Bias of OLS estimators due to exclusion of relevant variables and inclusion of irrelevant variablesBasu, Deepankar
2018 When can we determine the direction of omitted variable bias of OLS estimators?Basu, Deepankar
2018 An approach to the problem of employment in IndiaBasu, Deepankar
2018 Marx's analysis of ground-rent: Theory, examples and applicationsBasu, Deepankar
2018 Does the Steindl-Dutt investment function rule out profit-led expansion?Basu, Deepankar
2018 Addendum to "Marx's analysis of ground-rent: Theory, examples and applications"Basu, Deepankar
2019 What is the impact of an exogenous shock to the wage share? VAR results for the US economy, 1973-2018Basu, Deepankar; Gautham, Leila
2019 Capital, non-capital and transformative politics in contemporary IndiaBasu, Deepankar